Favorite Things On Eid-ul-Fitri

Salam. Eid is just around the corner and I can't get any busier, it seems. Juggling in between jobs and the preparation for my brother's upcoming wedding. Guess what? Last few days I was really 'dumbstruck' when my PMS decided to pop out at 6pm, an hour and a half before the iftar. Aduhai....! And it really struck me to think that I was 6 juzuk away to finish the Qur'an. Now I hope I'd do triple quadruple whatever it takes to finish on time once I'm back on my prayer mat. 

 Anyways, let's check out the list of my favorite things for and/or on Eid-ul-Fitri. Here goes:

Favorite Eid Song

HALAMAN ASMARA by Awie & Ziana Zain. Never fails to make me smile.

Favorite Eid Meal

NASI DAGANG. Of course Terengganu version. Would have to observe my waist line each time!

Favorite Eid Biscuit

TART NENAS GULUNG. Used to do this at home. Loads of good ones in the market nowadays, better off buying..

Favorite Eid Moment

FAMILY'S PHOTO SESSION. Nothing beats this. Have always loved it to bits.

This year we won't be celebrating Eid at this house. Mom decided to renovate grandpa's rest house and stay there every time she feels like going to Temerloh. From now on Eid is going to be there, in such a small cozy house. But it's gonna be a blast, I'm sure, for all mom's relatives gonna be around. Unlike in Terengganu. Now that dad's gone, mom wanna spend her years within her own compound.
We've gotta respect her wish. 

Well, that's all for now folks. Thanks for being with me, love you for that.
Until next time, Sayonara.

Much Love, TPJ.


  1. lagu fav kita itu sama... :)
    wah tpj...sebuk2 pun lg 6 juz nk abis..g byk lg....10 juz lg...cam tak dan nk abess jek..huhu..ni minggu depan ni peot plak...rugi2...

    1. Byk gak kita ni sama, kan?
      Kalu x dan, pakat sambung sampai posa 6 la.. ;)

  2. So does my family, there's always photo sessions :p
    Especially for me..


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