Birthday Bash(es) On Eid-ul-Fitr

Salam. My birthday this year fell on the 2nd day of Syawal. As early as 10pm on the 1st day of Syawal at my in-laws' I was surprised with a Baskin Robbin Ice-Cream Cake. I couldn't upload any pictures due to aurat issues. ^_^

Then on the day itself we headed to mom's village in Temerloh for the family's tradition;
i.e. gathering at cemeteries of our ancestors. 

We decided to hold a closed session of birthday bash among the nearest relatives after Maghrib, sponsored by dearest hubby. Well, he "cut the Q" to pay, actually. I was the one who suggested and prepared to bear all the cost in the first place. May Allah Bless him. 

I didn't even bother to change my outfit even after taking my shower. Very comfortable saree, apparently. The outfit was from the last Eid, which had never been worn until that day.

The rest of the family was on their nighties, I'd say. ^_^

My soon to be groom brother, Mie prepared us his signature dishes ~ Mee Rebus & Fruit Cocktail.
And my hubby went to get some KFC thingy for the kids.

What a blissful sight. They enjoyed the fried chickens so very much, the kids.

Then came another surprised cake from the family. Well, I was all smiles.
I had been so busy that I didn't notice the cake had been carefully hidden from me all the while.

This year was the best birthday ever in my life. I felt so loved and cared and special.
I was very brave not to cry openly. Thank you, Allah for all this blessings.

And thank you all for still being with me, love you for that.
Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, TPJ. 


  1. ehh besday TPJ ke...ada kuar notification kt fb tak ari tu...tak ingat gee...Apa2pun happy belated besday dear...maintain vogue okay! hehee

    1. Ada kuar.. Penuh gak ler wall tu.. Heheh. Hari Raya Ke-2, mana la org nengok FB sgt, biasa la Gee. Thanx, anyway..

  2. Hemm happy birthday...err belated la my wishes ni yer?
    Moga diberi kesihatan yg baik...
    Dah sihat ke ?...rehat tau..jgn ketawa kuat sgt...heheee
    Take care dear ;-)

    1. Tqvm kakakku... Mmg entry tu dibuat slps bday, belated punya... Huhuh.. Sihat dah sebenarnya, cuma x bleh lasak2. Jenis pulak ketawa x ingat dunia..

  3. hepi blated bday.. semoga Allah selalu memberikan yang terbaik :)

  4. happy belated birthday sis !! :) may Allah bless you always


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