Halal Steakhouse & Ribs in Sydney

Salam. It gets most peeps to be away from home to appreciate the luxuries of Halal F&B Malaysia has to offer. And to 'suffer' the irony of not being able to eat Western food in the Western countries?
It's in a lesser degree of missing simple but awesome Nasi Lemak back home.
But it could get nastier if you stay in the West more than a week. Not having Nasi Lemak is one thing, but can't get hold of Western food at the same time is one heck of another thing altogether.

So when there's a steakhouse that serves halal F&B in the soil of the Kangaroos, we were ready to hit the road anytime at all. Even if it means FOUR straight hours in the van, we didn't mind a bit. The Volcano's Steakhouse & Ribs was highly recommended by  our guides, Mus & Yun, and we couldn't agree more. The journey to Bankstown, New South Wales was worth every single mile. 

The Menu is of 3 divisions, i.e. Main, Dessert & BodyBuilders. But just like in Europe, they only served cold drinks. No hot lattes for us, unfortunately. I mean, I didn't get it... How could they drink ice in freezing winter?

My choice: Volcano's Rib-Eye with Hot Lava Sauce. Yummeh...!
But of course, it wasn't hot enough for me. It would have been better with Malaysian definition of Hot & Spicy. The land of CILI PADI and SAMBAL BELACAN.
My drink? Mineral water would do, thank you.

The portion was too big for me. It was so very delicious, but a way too big a portion. So, it flew to Mus' and Yun's plates interchangeably. Hehehe. They were my saviors. We went home happy kids on the block. Alhamdulillah.

Next time you guys in Sydney, this place is a must-go eatery. That's all for now, folks. Thanks for being with me, love you for that.

Yours truly, TPJ.


  1. huaaaaaaaaaa selapppp nyaa...terlioo sudaaa......

    1. Haiyyaa.... Manyak sidap wooo... Lps raya kita serang Victoria Station, jom..!


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