May We Meet Again, Dear Ramadan

Salam. The end is near. Heart-breaking farewell to Ramadan.
Alhamdulillah, we've been given the opportunity still to taste its sweetness. 
The bitterness of good-bye is somewhat unavoidable.
There's an end to everything.

This amazing and emotional du'a is dedicated to all brothers and sisters in Islam out there.
I cried my heart out when I saw this. Ameen to every single word of the du'a.
Ameen. Ameen. Ameen Ya Rabbal 'Alameen.

That's all, folks. Thanks for being with me, love you for that.
Eid Mubarak. 
كل عام وانتم بخير  - Kullu 'Aam Wa Antum Bi Khair. 
(May You Be Well Throughout The Year)

Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, TPJ.


  1. May Allah answer all our good du'as we supplicated in Ramadan and the good du'as we supplicate after Ramadan. Ameen. May Allah always answer our good du'as for Allah is the All-Hearing, All-Knowing, Most Kind and Most Just. Ameen.

    May Allah accept our good deeds and fasting. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.

    Eid Mubarak in advance to all Muslims worldwide and to my Muslim friends wherever they are :o)


    1. Eid Mubarak, dear. Ameen to your du'as.. Have a blast on Eid-ul-Fitr.

  2. Amien!! Eid Mubarak to u n family! Have a blessed one insyallah!

    1. Thanx, dear.. Same goes to you. Let's celebrate our triumph with gratitudes..


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