Creme Brulee and A Cup of Earl Grey, Please

Salam. Do you love puddings? I do. What about creme brulee, then? It doesn't belong to the sisterhood of puddings, yes true. But I'd like to regard it as such, still. ^_^
The first time I've ever heard of it was when I watched Julia Robert's movie "My Best Friend's Wedding" quite some time ago.

Hurmm... So much of a description, right?  But it took me more than a decade afterwards to actually taste it. Guess I've always been a "Jello-Person" anyway. Gotta know where I belong, eh? 

My 1st ever creme brulee was from Deedee's cozy Coffee-House nearby my office. Home-made by Deedee herself. Da Bomb to the max, I tell you. Can't wait to help myself there after Eid holiday.

But what greeted me at Shangri-La KL last few nights was a total different version altogether.
Never in a million years I'd be able to finish the whole darn plate. Not even a quarter of it, in fact.

The banana went well with the entire recipe, loved it. But the mango cream was a bit too sour for me. Nice presentation, of course, that was undeniable. Still, not my cup of tea.

The Earl Grey tea was nice, though. And I really loved the red cup and saucer, so very cute.
I was quite sleepy already then, what more with the live band at the lounge playing jazzy lazy songs of yesterdays. 

So much for the cravings of Deedee's creme brulee, eh?
Anyways, thanks for reading this and being with me still. Love you for that.
Enjoy your final week of Ramadan. Until next time, sayonara.

Much Love, TPJ. 


  1. pernah dgr tak pernah rs...huhuhu TPJ buat g terliooo lee........
    dan kopi tu...........dapnyaa.........dh dekat sebulan poser kopi sbb batuk tak baik lg nih...tensenn gueee

    1. Gee, nanti awak mai opis kita lps raya, kita bwk try kat Deedee nye coffee house, ya? Yg kita minum mlm tu air teh, Gee.. Kopi bulan2 posa nih kenang kurangkan, takut tak tido langsung sepanjang malam.

    2. owhhh teh...teh pun sodappp....bestnyaa kerja kt opis nai..hr2 leh makan sedap...hehe...opis nai jauh le....g kena naik apa kalo nk ke sana ek? ERL? star?

    3. Hari2 tgk benda sama, semer makanan nampak bosan.. Jarang2 nampak baru semer menyelerakan. Awak naik ETS ke KL Sentral, pastu naik LRT.


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