Sweet-Sour Manic Tuesday

Salam. Today began with quite a bizarre. But somehow I managed to lighten things up and kept back on track. Even drove in jolly good mood with a staff, Miss Akma to do some banking in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The traffic was still smooth, which helped a lot. The Q in the bank was considerably OK for there were a few seats still available. And the officers in charge were friendly. Blissful banking day. It was almost 1pm by then, so I texted Akma to park the car and join me to browse through Pavilion.

Akma followed me to check on the shoes at Parkson. From one section to another, I picked a pink leather pump of an unfamiliar brand. Then a Chinese salesgirl said from behind, "Excuse me Miss, that's Pig Skin." 


I impulsively dropped it with a frantic look, which surely insulted the salesgirl. Then only I noticed quite a small cardboard stating the nature of the leather. I said to her apologetically, "Sorry, could you please pick it up for me?" She did so, but with uneasy expression. I didn't blame her but I couldn't blame myself either. At that juncture I could feel my right hand was "numb" all of the sudden and hurriedly went to the nearest washroom to have it washed thoroughly. With Akma laughing at me all the way. 

After checking the ongoing sale at Forever 21, we drove back to the office with Akma on the wheel. But I still had to settle another thing, which was arranging a courier to India. So I proceeded to the nearest post office at AEON Setiawangsa. I think I must have been thinking too much not to notice the parking edge and scratched the car on the right. I mean, What On Earth? 

Astaghfirullahal 'Azeem.

But my husband's reply ("No problem") saved my day when I apologized via Blackberry Messenger.
Later in the department store's prayer room, I really had revalued my day. 
Allah had tested me with things but blessed me with another. 
Alhamdulillah. I was ultimately humbled.

Then again, it still felt bad to scratch the car after such remarkable years of clean records.
Lessons learned, though. Don't think too much while on the wheel. Take it easy. And Delegate Things When Necessary. You're Only Human, TPJ.

That's all, folks. Thanks for being with me, love you for that.
Yours truly, TPJ.


  1. Laaaa ....tu la lain kali kena stop duduk dulu relax kejap jgn kelam kabut sgt...hemmm
    Alhamdulillah cuma scratched je...haiiii tpj ....tpj...:-)

    1. Itu la kak.. Terasa dihambat waktu sgt2 bulan posa nih..

  2. Astarfirulllah hal azeem.. pig skin ye. akak pun dulu pernah kena.. tapi yakin tangan kita kering, ok lah.. basuh je lahh.. teruk betul lah kan.. sometimes the notice tu tak kita perasan.. tu yg jadi cam tu. kita lah asyik bershopping..

    1. Adoi.. Patutnya kena buat besar sket notis tu, kan? Macam kat Topshop.. Gedabak Notis, dari jauh dah nampak.

  3. There are pumps made of pig skin ? 0.o
    We sure don't them in Pakistan.
    And just a scratch, smaller ones a fixed quickly anyways :)

    1. Yes, dear.. There are. Just gotta be alert of some notice displayed. It's a multi-racial country here, that's why. And yeah, just some scratch but quite obvious, though..

  4. funny how you dropped it on the floor!! funny post :)

    xx shay

    1. Yes, dear.. Very hilarious situation. If only you could see my shocked face! And yeah, the shoe juz dropped off by itself. Thank God they didn't put one pair on the rack.


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