Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Floral Print Hijab ~ English Mode ON

Salam. Here's my 1st floral print hijab... Not bad at all, right?

Now that I'm approaching 40's in a few more years, I'm very much into floral themes.
Hence, English mode has now been officially turned ON.
Even found myself arranging flowers in vase and mom was amazed!
The closest I've got to flowers was drying them in albums each time I got a bouquet from anybody or somebody, for that matter back then.
And now, I've got this urge to grow plants and flowers ~ GARDENING, darlings!

But come to think of it, I've got a number of similar prints for my kurungs, especially from China and Italian Silk materials. But hijab, this was The First One.
And I loved what I saw. Hope you do too.

That's all. Thanks for coming, dear readers, appreciate it very much.
Catch you later. Bye for now.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Drum-Rolls to The Drummer: Re-post

Salam. This is a re-post, since I accidentally deleted the previous one.
Check out this hilariously passionate drummer, folks!

And apparently this guy has always been special since his hair was still all-blacks.

His passion for music is so obvious, it warms my heart. Yes, he sure makes me laugh hysterically each time I see his stunts, that my pancreas could burst. But I've gotta respect his way. Artists sometimes can't get hold of their emotions when they really breathe their ultimate passions.
I think I can understand that. Bravo to this drummer. A big round of applause, drum-rolls to himself...!

Thanks for reading, guys. You take care and have a wonderful day!
Bye for now. Much love, Nai @ TPJ.

Sacrifice or Be Sacrificed. Eid Mubarak...!

Salam. This Eid-ul-Adha I didn't have any new outfit. By choice. We were supposed to snap a family picture or two clad in the 'uniform' from my brother's recent wedding reception. But God must have had another plan, so it didn't happen. My heart was crashed for the second time. The first was Eid-ul-Fitr beforehand. I still haven't recovered from the fact that we didn't have a proper family picture in our Eid attires the first time EVER. That somehow has been a major issue for me, since I wasn't in the last Eid picture taken with my late dad. The last Eid picture taken with him. And I wasn't in it. Oh My God. So this kinda thing really saddens me a great deal. 

Anyways, life goes on. Let me just take it as one of my sacrifices this time around. Other than the picture thingy, the rest was superb. Alhamdulillah. I got to spend time both with my nuclear family and my in-laws, since the distance from Temerloh to Kuantan is only 2 hours' drive. The agenda apparently was MAKAN MAKAN MAKAN all the four days straight I thought I could die. Even had cramps on my jaw, too much beef here and there. What a bliss...

That's all, folks. Thanks for keep coming back, really humbled me to the core.
Hope you had a wonderful Eid-ul-Adha. Until next time, sayonara.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Little Brain-Loose Stooge

Salam. Remember my newly ran away maid? The first few days after she left, she kept sending my mom apologetic series of SMSes. Then 2 weeks afterwards she took a different turn and called my in-laws, asking if she could come back to work with me. She said how sorry she was and really wished to resume her position at my house.

I went berserk. Like, Hello? Who the heck she thinks she is? And who the heck she thinks I am? Not a single word to me. Apologies or otherwise. Nadaa. NONE. The apologies were made to my mom. And the request of coming back to work WITH me was made to my mom-in-law. Obviously she's from another planet. Last time I checked, her salaries had always been from my pocket. Mom said she must have been terrified of me. Well, if that was the case, she wouldn't have fled in the first place, right? And to make it more confusing, she wouldn't have dared to come back to a terrifying employer like me, right? So, that rules out mom's theory, I reckon.

The fact remains, she must've been a total stooge. When my mom-in-law told me about her request this evening, my response was: "Screw her!" That's why the proverb says, Look Before You Leap. Then again, what to expect from such a stooge, right? Now that I'm 'sober' enough to revaluate things, I pity her for being so dumb. She must've realized now how hard to make a living out there, without any passport and permit in a foreign land and no money at all. Even if I might decide to help her, my husband would never, I repeat WOULD NEVER allow me to. Even if I beg. NOPE.

Well, let me just thank you all for reading. ^_^ Until next time, sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

In Person With Arwen of Aisyah Scarf

Salam. So, I finally met the owner of Aisyah Scarf, Aisyah Arwen. Gorgeous even without any make-up on.  

And just before I left her shop in Jalan Tuanku Abd Rahman, I overheard she spoke in a dialect I'm very fluent at. Apparently she's from a village nearby mine in Terengganu. 
What a small, small world!

Do pay her place a visit. You would sure beg and bag for more... ^_^

The Potentially Ultimate Level Best

Salam. Hi there, folks! Gonna write in Malay here. English translation would follow beneath, in Italic. Here goes:-

Hari ni mak SMS dari kampung, pesan suruh jaga diri bebaik, buat keja rumah ala kadar udah ler, tak payah la beriya sangat. Nanti sakit takde sape nak tolong, katanya. Hehehe. Sabor je la haku. Itu la nye pon.. Aku buat apa2 mesti all-out, takde gitu2 aje, melepaskan batuk di tangga. Sehabis baik yang termampu dan apa adanya.

Mak tau sangat tu, that's why dia susah hati. Sebab aku dah lama kurang upaya, mana boleh buat keja berat guna fizikal sangat. Tu yang se'lousy' mana pon maid yang aku dapat, aku banyak bertolak-ansur dan tak demand tinggi2, janji ringankan beban keja sudah. Bab2 gosok baju, terutamanya, sebab yg tu paling guna banyak tenaga. Takat baju2 keja aku dan suami, aku basuh sendiri aje pon. Tak pe je pon. Tapi gosok baju, memang perlukan bantuan.

Itu dulu. Now semer dah ok, aku buat ikut jadual berkala dalam otak. Carta Organisasi Otak nama dia. Jadi, takde isu pasal terlebih guna tenaga berhad. Yang penting, aku puas hati. Ikut piawaian dan cara aku sendiri. Tersusun je baju, barang dan segala2 kat dalam rumah. Tak macam masa orang lain yang jaga. Almari Junior pon dah tak berterabur, senang dia nak ambik baju tido malam dan baju biasa balik dari sekolah. Tak payah la dia selongkar satu almari tiapkali nak carik baju ke suar dalam ke stokin ke apa2 ke. Lalu mudah jugak aku nak refill je apa yang dah dikosongkan dari tempatnya. Tak la naik pitam setiapkali lepas dia sepahkan almari itiew. Kat dapur pon gitu, even sudu garpu pon senang nak ambik ikut pasangan. Tak la aku nak mengamuk jadi hantu dalam hati yang paling dalam. Bagi aku, susah2 dulu takpe, biar senang kemudian. Susah2 kemas takpe, janji senang nak maintain segala2nya.

Itu la aku. Total contrast dengan mak. Tu yang dia tak paham. Takpe, aku tak kesah pon. Tak amik hati langsung. Tu tandanya mak sayang aku, amik berat pasal aku. Tapi itu la, kan. Nabi Muhammad s.a.w pon pesan, Tuhan suka kalu kita buat apa2 sehabis baik. Ye la, kan.. setiap kejadian pon Tuhan Jadikan dengan sempurna.Mana ada lebih-lebih kurang ikut mana pon.. Atas dasar itu la, kita pon kena cuba buat sesuatu dengan sempurna. Ikut kemampuan dan kebolehan sebenar.

Today I got an SMS from mom all away from kampung, asking me to take a good care of myself and taking easy on the daily chores. I've been overdoing the house-keeping thingy, so she said. Nobody's gonna take care of me if I fall sick. But yeah, just another comment I've come accustomed to from my immediate a.k.a nuclear family members. Then again, that's always been TPJ's style in doing things. Like, pushing the max limit of herself. No moderation. 

Mom knew it, that was why she was very concerned. This has got to do with the fact that I've not been in the best shape for so long, which disabling me from using much physical energies. That explains why I tend to be very lenient with every maid who came to work at home over the years, no matter how lousy they proved to be. I needed their assistance ever so desperately, especially when it came to pressing garments. For I never had any problems with personal hand-wash of my own and husband's office wears, which was perfectly fine with me.

But that was then. Now everything seems to be okay. My organizing style, which was very clearly dictated inside my head has proven to be so much of a help to me and everyone else under the same roof. Like, all my hard work for the past few weeks has now become fruitful to everybody and brought incredible peace of mind to me.  Everything is in order now right up to the kitchen unlike when the house was run by my ungrateful maid. Junior's wardrobe is no longer a mess and he doesn't have to dig everything out just to find a nightie, panties or a pair of socks or anything at all. So, it's super duper easy to refill whatever necessary and most important thing, I no longer suffer a headache to put everything back in place every time Junior messed his wardrobe up. And that extends to the forks and spoons in the kitchen. I don't have to feel like screaming anymore each time I need to find a matching fork and spoon. Like the proverb goes, 'There's No Pleasure Without Pain'. That to me serves my purpose of ultimate peace of mind down the road. 

Well, that's me. A complete contrast with mom, that's why she can't get it. But I don't mind a bit. That shows how much she loves and cares for me ever so deeply. Then again, even the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w promoted that Allah s.w.t Himself loves those who exercise the level best in their undertakings, which makes fully sense, for every creation of His is flawless in perfection. No less. Thus, on that basis alone, we should at least try to be the very best of our capacities in whatever we do. The very best we're potentially capable of. 

Well, that's from my humble point of view. Thanks for reading, really appreciate it. Until next time, Sayonara. Much love, Nai @ TPJ.

Note: I know this is totally irrelevant, but I really need to insert my latest favorite song here, Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles by Tan Jin from the Hong Kong epic movie, The Lost Bladesman.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

From KL to Singapore and Back

Salam. I seldom dream when I asleep. But a few nights ago I had a funny dream, in which I went biking with Junior. He was very heavy as miles went by and I apparently was almost out of breath. I couldn't seem to find a way to make a U-turn in the highway and after some time like an eternity I kept cycling until suddenly we reached Singapore. I was so tired and got rid of the bike and took a cab back to Kuala Lumpur, holding Junior's hand all the way. Next thing I knew someone was waking me up for Fajr Prayer. It was Junior's dad. I told him the dream. He laughed out loud, shaking his head. 

Well, I was still exhausted from the bike journey and couldn't understand why the heck that he laughed. And still wondered where and why on earth that I dumped the bike anyway? I only came back to my senses when the cold water hit my face for wudhu'. 

Oh, what a dream.. I must have been very tired this past few days at home. Bone tired that the exhaustion was transpired in my dream. Or may be that I started to miss getting back on my static bike for a good exercise or two. Gotta steal some time to do just that, I guess. It's quite a good timing now that it's weekend. 25 minutes should do for a start. Care to join me?

Or May be we should go to the Universal Studio, Singapore again..
So we could be in the Transformer's Ride just once more.. 

Ehem. Ehem.
That's all for now, folks. Thanks for reading, appreciate it a lot. Until next time, sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Maya Karin, Kingdom of Bhutan, Ahadiat Akashah & Korean Drama Series

Salam. Just now I semi-consciously clicked a preview/teaser/trailer of "Lagenda Budak Setan 2". Wow! They've got Maya Karin & Bront Palarae some more...! But still I can't bring myself to like Farid Kamil, why oh why? Never mind, though. Used to be the biggest fan of Ahadiat Akashah's novels, especially the trilogy of Lagenda Budak Setan. On that basis alone I'm gonna support this sequel. Plus, there are Maya & Bront AND they had some shots in one of my wish-list dream vacations, i.e. The Kingdom of Bhutan!

Fell in love with the magnificent view of the country via the internet, after reading about the handsome King (Asian Elvis) and stunningly beautiful Queen of Bhutan. Still remember one day I told Junior's daddy about Bhutan and he went like, "What?" "Boo What?" Aiyyyaaaa! So after this he'd at least re-consider, I hope.

On some other occasion, now that I've been crowned with fulltime housewife's tiara, I subs-consciously begin to sit on the sofa and watch Korean Drama series. Oh My Gucci?

Oh, yes.. Really desperate for a massage, ok.. Calling my masseuress now. Kak Kasuh.. Hello?

That's all, folks. Thanks for reading this crap. Love you all for that. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Maya's a babe. Started to love her after "Waris Jari Hantu" but really think she shouldn't have played Izzah in Ombak Rindu. A village girl image? Nonsense. And Izzah didn't speak 'pelat' Malay, not from what I understood in the novel..!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

One Rainy Monday & A Mummy Turned Into A Monster

Salam. Semalam (Isnin) Junior pagi2 dah kena marah dgn aku. Kopiah dia sebijik pon takde. Baru beli yg baru Jumaat lepas, itu pon dah lesap. Sepanjang aku duk lipat baju over the weekend takde pon nampak kopiah. Mesti dia pi campak mana2 hala pastu tak ingat letak kat mana. Memang terbaek dari ladang sawit la dia kena basuh, kan? Kena pulak aku nak cepat, lepas hantar dia gi skolah nak kena turun Ipoh, ada hal urgent. Lambat karang, sape nak ambik dia balik skolah? Laju je air mata dia menitik, mata kuyu pandang aku. Takde maknanya, aku dah jadi singa. Worse, terhegeh2 nak carik pencil case bagai. Malam tadi org suh tido awal, baik je dia layan Digimon. Tanya semer dah beres nak gi skolah, udah katanya. Saje aku nak tengok setakat mana udahnya. Haaa... Kan dah padan dgn muka aku!

Yesterday (Monday) Junior got me really mad very early in the morning. He apparently misplaced all his kopiahs, including the newly bought last Friday. Even I didn't see any throughout the weekend when I sorted and folded the dried clothes. He must have thrown them wherever he could think of and totally forgot about them altogether. Of course he got some nice and volcanic high-pitched notes from me, what do you expect? I was in a rush to get to Ipoh for an urgent matter and be back on time to pick him up the same evening. He cried ever so softly, eyeing me with his sad, sad looks, which was too bad for I was in rage already. Worse, he wasn't even ready with all the stationary needed for school. He got all his time last night and he chose to watch Digimon right till the end. And when I asked if everything was ready for school he said yes. I intentionally wanted to see how ready he was, which served me right. Served me right!

Dalam keta daddy dia riba, ajak borak macam2 nak kasi dia kurang sedih. Aku sepatah pon tak tegur dia. Fokus baca istighfar utk hari Isnin, walaupun susah yang amat. Daddy dia pon know better kan drpd tegur aku, defend Junior atau yg sewaktu dgnnya. Takde sape nak tgk aku jadi Hulk. Adik ipar yg bawak keta lagi la diam kematu, kejap2 jeling aku ikut cermin tengah. Ada aku kesah?

His daddy sat at the passenger's seat with him on his lap, had a small talk with him to ease his sadness. I didn't bother to say a word at the back. Instead, I concentrated in such a struggle on reading my Monday Istighfar. His dad knew better not to say anything, defend him or anything alike. Nobody wanted to see me turning into Hulk. My brother-in-law who was at the wheel zipped his mouth shut, looking at me through the mirror every now and then. I couldn't care a bit.

Hujan lebat betul sepanjang perjalanan. Jalan pon jam la, of kos. Sempat la aku bertenang dan composed balik sebelum sampai skolah Junior. Aku ambik beg dia, hantar dia kat tangga. Masa salam dan peluk-cium aku, tak mau dia pandang aku. Ye la, org tak biasa jumpa mummy macam singa, kan? Dalam sebulan belum tentu sekali nak tgk mummy macam tu. Kot2 nak tengok selalu, acu cuba try test, kan? Aku pon tak rela tgk diri sendiri meletup2 macam merapi. Itu yg aku paling tak suka. Yg aku paling hindari. Tapi aku tak nak tengok Junior besar jadi org lepas tangan suka hati dia aje. Dah 8 tahun pon umurnya. Aku dulu dah jaga adik2 dan siap jaga mak sakit lagi kat rumah umur macam dia tu. Tapi ye la, kan.. Aku dulu mana ada maid. Nak harapkan mak uruskan semer benda, adik2 sape nak tengokkan? Now that dia dah xde maid, kena ikut cara aku. Nasib la. Nama pon sayang anak, kena la bagi didikan yg betul. Takpe la kalu aku kena tinggalkan ofis dan keja dari rumah selama2nya pon, aku tak kesah. Janji anak aku jadi orang. Bukan jadi orang yang kopiah sendiri pon tak reti jaga. Tapi orang yang tau jaga diri, barang2 peribadi & hargai kasih-sayang & pengorbanan ibu-bapa.

It had been raining all the way, which made the traffic really bad. That at least gave me ample time to breathe in and out, re-composed my emotions before we reached Junior's school. I took his bag and send him at the stairs. He didn't even look at me when he kissed and hugged me. He wasn't used to such a treatment from me. If he ever wanted to see more, well good luck to him. I hated it myself, least that I loved about TPJ. Been avoiding it, knowing myself fully well. But I couldn't afford to see Junior grow up to be a brat, now that he was 8 he could use some responsible in his hat. I took care of my siblings and even my sick mom at his age. But then again, I never had any maid whatsoever. If I relied everything on mom, who was going to handle my brothers and sister? Now that Junior no longer had any maid, it's gotta be my way. Too bad. That means love to me, so that he'd grow up a better person. Even if it means I've gotta leave the office and work from home forever, I don't care. So long as my son would know to be responsible of his old self, belongings and appreciate his parents' love and sacrifices.

Nak sampai Ipoh daddy dia still ambik jalan tunggu & lihat. Macam la aku reti marah lama2 pon. Bila dah abis keja kami dan makan tengahari kat Restoran Simpang Tiga, baru la dia borak beriya dengan aku. Padahal aku diam sebab pikir kan Junior. Sedih sebab aku dah marah dia sebegitu rupa. Terbayang2 dia kat mata. Ralat dengan keadaan aku sebagai org yg berkerjaya, sampai anak jadi mcm tu. Banyak yang tak kena dengan diri sendiri. Biasa la, dilema wanita zaman sekarang. Tak sabar aku nak ambik dia balik skolah kul 4pm. Damage control la, konon2nya.. Rasanya daddy dia pon paham. Tu yang dia sengih aje bila aku cepat2 turun keta pi carik Junior kat library, tempat dia selalu lepak lps kelas. Kali ni Junior dah pandang aku masa salam & cium aku. Tak abis2 cakap Thank You kat aku, tak paham pon untuk apa yg duk terima kasih sgt tu.

His dad still chose to wait and see, might be thinking I was still in bad mood. He started to talk a lot over lunch at Simpang Tiga Restaurant, Ipoh once we finished our matter. I was in fact thinking of Junior. I felt so bad to have scolded him like that. Even kept seeing him before my eyes. Got this pang of guilt, torn between my career and motherhood. Sort of blaming myself for what he'd turned into. What a price to pay! A common dilemma of a career woman at this modern era. And I just couldn't wait till 4pm to fetch him up at school. Yeah, you can call it a Damage Control. His dad must've understood it perfectly. That's why he was all smiles when I hurriedly went off to find him at the library in which he usually hang out after class. This time Junior looked me in the eyes when he greeted & kissed me. He kept thanking me, not sure for what.

Lepas kejadian tu, sebelum tido dia dah siapkan semer barang dia. Jenuh bgtau aku, dia kemas bilik, sapu lantai bagai, ajak aku tengok. Of kos la aku pegi tengok, ambik hati dia. Bagus la, aku puji. Timakasih la tolong mummy, aku cakap. Good boy, aku kata. Senyum sampai ke telinga dia, ketat hati aku.  Aku tau dia dah paham apa yang aku cuba sampaikan. Dah selama ni pon dia selalu diingatkan, kalau mummy & daddy marah sebab sayangkan dia.. Aku harap sangat dia akan selalu ingat dan paham dan ambik iktibar sampai bila2.

He made sure everything was ready for school before going to sleep after that fateful Monday. Even made his bed and swept the floor, really eager to show me. Of course I went to have a look, for his sake. That was awesome, I complimented him. Thanks for helping mummy, I told him. Good boy, I said. He smiled ear to ear, my heart was tight. I knew he got what I wanted him to learn. All this while he'd been reminded that if mummy and daddy scolded him that was for his own good, because we loved him. I do hope he'd always remember that and take it with him forever and ever.

Thanks all for reading, love you for that. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Yet Another Run-Away Maid

Salam. The Most Common Statement Malaysians Hate To Hear But Have Got Used To Anyways is:-


I didn't take it at heart this time. Not anymore. So they said Cambodian girls had lower statistics of run-away maids. But they never said NONE. But why oh why all of them need to do so after their permits have just been renewed?

Thank God I decided to actually make this one bore her own cost for the permit, may be due to so many stunts that she had been pulling up to the day she sneaked out of the house. For good this time. Her aunt, who's been staying in Perak for couple of years said she had sent an SMS the night earlier, saying she was gonna get married to a Malay guy. Yeah right. Smooth Operators. Like I care? For all I know she might be the one who's been comploting with the newbee. When probed, she said she couldn't be lying because it was Friday. OKAY... Ha Ha Ha. Thing is, the girl had been asking where Perak was since day 1 she could speak Malay. It doesn't take a genius to figure where she might go. unless of course an aunt wouldn't get panicked if her niece actually went missing after sending an SMS to get married to a 'foreigner'..! She should've sounded dead surprised, adoiya...!

But seriously, I didn't know it's possible to cross over to Cambodia without a passport. It must be via Thai border. Oh, What The Heck! Better save my breath rather than worrying about her.

So I've been running the show single-handedly now. Officially working from home. The fact that she defined cleaning up as merely sweeping the floor and not even behind the furniture or under the sofa, I sure had my hands full...! Less than a week the house is becoming to look like a home now. Alhamdulillah. But oh yes, got a looooooong way to go before it gets gorgeous. Would be done before Eid-ul-Adha, Insya Allah.

Hurmm.. I could do some milk bath & Thai massage after the house is up to my personal standard. In fact now that it's half-way cooked, I could actually write this entry in the first place. Bliss.

Juma'ah Barakah everybody..! Thanks for reading. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I'm Thinking Of You Too ~ Nothing Else Matters

Salam. Hope you are all in the pink of health. Whether or not you love pink. *Wink.

There are times when we're missing someone so much it hurts. So much that even the person whom we're missing could feel it. And someone used to tell me that if you're missing a person when the rain falls, that person is missing you just the same. Owh, isn't that sweeeeeeeet, darling? So sweet that I badly wanna believe the crap. Like, it's ok. I love the way you lie. So, lie to me. Pleaseeeee. Ha Ha Ha.

But what makes sense is somewhat we call 'brain wave' and 'brain communication', for that matter. It's gotta do with the power of thoughts. You will it to happen. You badly want it to be known to whom it may concern. Concentrate like you never did before. Then the other person actually 'hears' it. Like, you want something so bad and you visualize it to happen, believe in it and of course you'll do whatever it takes to make it come true. The same goes with brain-to-brain communication via thoughts. At least that's how I understand the concept. You have better way of explaining this, perhaps?

I guess that's why people in love can sometimes just communicate through thoughts. Raining or not, that's besides the point. Or may be when it's raining or snowing, the feelings grow stronger ~ perhaps due to the lack of and the urge for warmth? Mere thought can actually warm your heart, may be? May be so. May be not.

May be this: When two hearts are somewhat attached to one another, nothing can separate you. Even distance. Let alone circumstances. Like, so close no matter how far, as Metallica said in 'Nothing Else Matters'. Those who have similar experience with this whole thing would definitely understand what I'm trying to say. Those who don't would just think I'm having some loose screw in my brain, which makes me 'brainless'. ^_^

Hurmm.. May be, just may be, would you rather give it a shot yourself? How about sending an SMS to your special someone, or long-lost love, saying:
"I am thinking of you, now that it's raining. Are you?"

^_^ Thanks for reading, love you for that. Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love,
Nai @ TPJ.

P/S: It's been raining when I started to write this. Yes, I'm thinking of you. And nothing else matters.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Owh, Soooo Cute I'm Yours (Ukulele)

This boy really made my day...!
Such a darling in every way.

He'd do great in no time at all.
Style's there.
Passion's there.
Oh My God!
He's so cute.

Major Crush.
Big Laugh But Major Crush.

Hijabis & The Salons

Salam. So I had my hair cut today. 

I wish it had turned out as da bomb as Halle Berry's. Hurmm...

The first question when I entered the salon was, 'Any closed section for hijabis?'
When the answer was to the affirmative, I dragged my feet inside.
Once settled with the Halle Berry kinda style, I asked about hair color.
'Do your colors have Halal sign on them?'
Again, when the answer was to the affirmative, I extended my intention further.
Next, 'How long it's gonna take?'
45 minutes, she said.
'Can you have my hair cut first and I'll come back for the coloring after praying?'
And of course the answer was yes, you guys.
Customers are always right, remember?

And as usual, once I put my hijab on before going off, I've got this similar weird look from the hair-dresser. 'Why Oh Why you're ruining my hard work' look.
If you know what I mean.
So I laughed out loud and said, 'What a waste, ya?'
She was caught off guard quite awhile, before laughing with me.

Well, that's what always happens to hijabis and the salon(s).
At least here in Malaysia.
Thanks for reading, folks. Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, TPJ.

And The Stories Lingered...

It's quite hard sometimes to just brush off any sad things people come to see me with. 
Especially when it comes to women's affairs. 
When they left, their stories lingered. 
So much so that I had to brace myself not to cry. 
I can't talk about them but I would share a poem I wrote after a particular woman closed the door at my office ever so softly. 
It's in Malay, though.

Puisi Untuk Kekasih

Aku cuba mengosongkan sebahagian daripada ingatanku terhadapmu
Lalu aku sedari, tak sedikit pun kutinggalkan untuk diriku sendiri
Sebegitu kasihku padamu
Hinggakan tiada lagi aku dalam diriku
Hilang bersama jejak yang kau lemparkan di luar jendela
Saat pintu itu kau kuak dengan kaki
Dan kenangan itu kau buang dari hati
Saat itulah aku bagimu telah lama mati

Tak mengapalah kekasih
Hijau taman di seberang indahnya masih berkilau
Sirnanya mana mungkin mampu kuatasi
Dengan daun yang makin kering
Dan pohon yang tinggal ranting

Saat waktu andai kau ingin kembali
Telah kutinggalkan segugus kunci
Di tempat yang pasti kau ketemui
Andai kau cuba mencari

Cuma maafkan aku kekasih
Andai aku tak bisa menanti
Hingga hadir detik itu
Jangan nanti kau sesali
Andai yang menunggumu
Cuma jasad kaku bisu
Yang telah kau kafankan lama dahulu
Sebelum tiba ajalku


Aku cuba memenuhkan seluruh ruangan hatiku untuk kamu
Lalu aku sedari, tempat itu seharusnya milik Yang Esa
Dan derita apa pun bagai kan tiada
Kerana walau segunung derita di jiwa seorang hamba
Tidak terkesan di sisi kuasa-Nya

Izinkan aku Ya Rabbi
Menggenggam anugerah-Mu di tangan
Dan menyemai Nama-Mu di hati
Mudah-mudahan segala yang terindah di dunia yang penuh fatamorgana
Tidak menjauhkan aku dari rahmat-Mu

Andai bahagia bukan milikku di sini
Mohon gantikan sebuah laman di Firdausi
Bersama jernih sungai al-Kauthar
Agar aku tak kehausan lagi
Dengan limpahan kasih sejati...

I'm not sure if google would help you understand the poem. 
But I really had to let it out of my chest. 
Thanks anyway for reading, love you for that. 
Until next time, Sayonara. 
Much love, Nai @ TPJ.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Flair for Skirts ~ Updated

Salam. You know, when I was in primary school, mom and dad had always plotted together to coy me with skirts for good grades. Well, it worked. All the time. I treasured each and every skirt, even after the length became some sort of micro rather than mini. I would still fold them nicely in my small wardrobe, loving them dearly. So much so that I was into skirts, I didn't even have any pants whatsoever. It was so self-explanatory that my first ever jeans was in Primary 6, at the age of 12. Reason being I got my menstruation and started to wear hijab, which ruled out short skirts.

Throughout 5 years of secondary (religious boarding) school, I didn't get to dress up much other than for Eid (traditional) outfits. So when I got myself into a matriculation centre in Kuala Lumpur, I had the time of the world to be my own self. I bought my first long skirt from the 'Reject Shop' in Pertama Complex, which I loved so very much. And the rest was history.

Not that I don't love pants. I do. But nothing beats the feeling I've got for skirts. Like your first love that you can't get out of your system. Not even for a day without you thinking of it. Something like that.

So basically you can call me a skirts freak or something. *wink

**Would try to update this entry with a photo of the first ever lovely long skirt of mine soon. Gotta find it in an old album at mom's house.

Meantime, thanks for reading. Humbled me to the max.
Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


As Promised...

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Almost But Not Quite A Turban

Salam. Well, you figured.

Almost, but not quite a turban. Getting there, nonetheless..
What more can I say.
Gotta be nice to myself, right?

Have a great day, friends. Thanks for dropping by, love you for that.
Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Square Voile Hijab Well Played

Salam. Sometimes it just gets to me that I've gotta make full use of my existing hijabs.
You know, rather than keep buying new ones.

So today I took out my well-kept and almost unused pudding-like square voile hijab.
I kinda love what I saw. 

Thanks for coming, dear friends. Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.

And They Lived Happily Ever After. The End.

But wait! There's more...!

Salam. We've been spoon-fed with that line of finishing sentences at the end of all fairy tales. And last week I watched a documentary 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' on TV, where most Irish travelling girls have been planning their grand weddings at EIGHT years young! Like, one of the girls confessed how hard she'd been working and skipping social life, even staying away from cigarettes and beers just to have every penny saved for her big fat grand wedding. AND very heavy dress that weighed much more than she was. Expensive too, mind you. Nomads as they are, they would spend lavishly on their most celebrated and anticipated weddings. Like, their lives are deemed COMPLETE upon marriage.

In Malaysia, things might be slightly different, in the sense that girls don't go about saving every penny of their earnings JUST for their dream weddings. But, there are some who opt for personal loans to finance sort of remarkable weddings. So much for meeting up the society's standard. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against it. So long as it's within the ambit of one's capacities, who am I to disagree? And it's one's choice and preference, anyways.

But just a thought: What happens AFTER marriage? I mean, I never heard of a story where a girl has been planning her life after marriage since eight, now have you? Girls do plan their weddings ~ dress, theme, bride's maid and what not. But they don't probably even think of what happens after the weddings. They plan for the event. Not for the life. And guess what? Life begins after the weddings. Life for once does not end there.

But hey! The tagline said something else, right? "And They Lived Happily Ever After. The End..."

Then again, life is a process of endless learning and seeking knowledge. Fret not if we don't plan for life after marriage, coz living life is not always about planning. It's more to practicalities. We can always upgrade the trial and error process with some efforts to get useful info and knowledge from loads of relevant sources. Now that we've got the internet, the easier it gets. It's whether or not you want it.

That's why I really loved what Sister Yasmin Mogahed wrote about women's worth. That a woman's life does not end upon marriage. That a woman's life is not ONlY complete when a man asks her hand for marriage, which denotes that a woman's life won't be complete if no man actually asks her hand for marriage. That's not the case. But sadly, most women feel a complete failure if that completion never seems to happen. And when their marriage don't work out well, again they will feel a complete failure. Not as planned, they say, regardless of whether or not they have actually had any plan whatsoever.

It's complicated. Of course it is. Who said life is easy? Who said life is not complicated? That's why life does not end upon wedding. That's only the beginning of a journey. And when the marriage ends, life doesn't end with it. Again, it's a new beginning of yet another journey. Endless, of course. For this life is temporary. There's another destination that is final. It's called the Hereafter.

Meantime, do have some paradigm shift. And do mind about Qur'an & Sunnah. With that, I sign off for now. Thanks for still reading right till the end. Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Love you all, Sayonara.

Nai @ TPJ.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Wedding & License To Dress Up

Salam. Yesterday was sure a weekend to dress up coz there was a wedding I had to attend.
Really enjoyed the function, for two of our best family friends were around.
The husbands must have prearranged it accordingly, since we seemed to arrive quite the same time.
 Even the kids had a blast that they didn't even have time to bother us.

That sure gave us wonderful time to enjoy our meals and talked about nothing and everything.

The couple were still very young, would fly off to Egypt to resume their studies now that Summer Vacation was over. The fact that the reception was so wonderfully done showed us how much the family welcome the wedding. Quite alien to my upbringing.

I wish them all the best in their future undertakings, grow green and grey together beautifully in imaan.
That their love would last for a lifetime and blossom right til the Jannah. Ameen. 

That's all for now, folks. Thanks for still being around, love you for that. Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.