Assalamu'alaikum. A few hours earlier on, I sent a message via whatsapp to a friend of a friend, who apparently had to act as a messenger to pass me some documents at the airport. Knowing fully well that he had never met me before, despite the whatsapp's profile picture - he'd better be given some descriptions. So, I wrote this:

"I'm a specky wearing yellow hijab, blue-brown plaid blouse and beige jeans", to which he replied, "At which gate? I'm in between Gate 1 and Gate 2". Just seconds after I replied "Gate 3", a guy came toward me with big grin on his face while we were exchanging an 'acknowledging-approving' look. He gave the documents and left, simply as that. So, here is how I looked like:

Minus the shades, of course. Or the following, minus the blazer:

Point is, descriptions do matter, so we'd better get them right no matter how brief they would be. That's all for now, thanks for dropping by. Much love, Nai at Tak Pe Je. Assalamu'alaikum.


  1. Tu dia. Seb bek description tepat hahaha aku pernah gak buat gitu kt airport, tp guna model keta. Sbb aku pick up drive thru aje hihihi

  2. klu dh terangkan detail org tu tak jumpa gak parah ^__^ .. kak ok la sabun tu, cuma pedih skit la mybe dia punya feedback nk elok kot ;)

    1. Pedih tu mmg.. Jgn guna byk buih.. Jarakkan kekerapan. Nanti takut menggelupas..

  3. naseb baik pakai kaler yg senang nk carik........yellow tudung tu mcm dia punya kunci penting..hehe....... ai pakai sabun tu..ok je..takde pedih...x mengelupas...huhu tak berkesan setakat ni oklah...

    1. Tu la, kan? Sibbaik..
      Sabun tu amik masa sket bg certain org.. May be lps minum AW tu makin ok..


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