From Black and White to Pink and Blue

Assalamu'alaikum. Yesterday afternoon I accompanied a client to Nilai for some long-sought mission after attending a matter in Sepang, which explains my very formal black and white attire. Then I was driven by the client to KLIA where I took the Express Rail Link (ERL) to KL Sentral. Hence, the self-camwhoring. ^_^ 

That client has always been very generous with lots of presents by far and today I was given a floral pinkish shawl from Jeddah, which I decided to wear for a dinner in Bukit Bintang later at night. Here are two pictures to share with you guys:

I wouldn't have chosen that kind of print myself but I kinda liked it nonetheless. How thoughtful of that person, don't you think? That's all for now, dearest. Gotta try to catch some sleep myself here. 
Until next time, Cheerio...! Thanks for dropping by.. Assalamu'alaikum.

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