My New Ipad Cover

Assalamu'alaikum. I had a semi-business lunch today with an acquaintance at Wangsa Walk and later on dropped by at AEON Big nearby for another appointment, this time rather personal. And I made a point of looking for a new ipad cover, replacing the 'broken' existing one, thanks to Junior. What a crowded Friday, as you can see below.

The salesgirl snapped some pictures of me to prove that the cover wouldn't block any camera frame whatsoever like a few other covers would. Satisfied, I handed over RM50 to her and had it affixed immediately before walking out of the stall.

So, this is a picture of me holding the ipad with the previous cover for the last time, as if knowing fully well that it would actually be the last. Yeah, it wasn't premeditated, obviously. A nice coincidence, I'd say.

Still pink, obviously, being my favorite color for gadgets. Quite a bit too reasonable price for such a pretty thing, don't you think? 

Let's hope this one would last long enough to see the new year of 2014. Ameeeen...!

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  1. Replies
    1. Pattern je lain.. Heheh. Kaler musti pink jua...! ;)

  2. Ni kedai yg depan deli france tu ke?
    Selalu klau nk cari cover akak pun g situ...;)
    Pink....I likeeee :))

    1. Dekat2 situ la kakak.. First time beli kat situ.. Nice..

  3. masalah tul la minah pink nih, semua nak pink ye kalau boleh

    1. Ha'ah.. Telekung pon nak pink kalu boleh.. Heheh.


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