My Impromptu Bestest Buddies

Assalamu'alaikum. Yesterday my sister insisted to snap my OOTD, what a surprise! She must have had fever or something, that was what I thought. With the shades still on, she repeatedly asked for my phone to do so. I was just coming from the nearest groceries store and aiming to have my lunch at home but yeah, why not? Been a while since I've had any OOTD post lately.

The ensemble from head to toe was a mix and match, which didn't require any ironing. The satin long shawl, the cardigan and the maxi dress had turned out to be my bestest buddies, even somewhat impromptu.

And looking at the pictures now I think I can pass a verdict of yet another overdressed day for doing groceries. Never mind, that's what and who I am at work. 


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