Half-Full VS Half-Empty Glass

Salam. Syawal this year I still don't have the opportunity to fast. That of course saddens me. But then again, I'm more than thankful coz I'm still here to breathe the air and enjoy the sunshine. That I am still alive. Alhamdulillah.

And I really am thankful that my Ramadan this year was fully utilized gracefully. Taraweeh & Tadarrus were awesome. That soothes me a lot. Apparently we can't always get everything that we want the way we want it to be. Life doesn't work that way. Ok may be it does, but not all the time. Like it or not, that's what life is and how it works. We can plan, of course. Should things happen other than the ways we planned them to be, please don't get offended. For God also plans. And He apparently is the Greatest Planner of all. We might not see the reasons nor reason what we see. As of now, I meant. But in later years, when we get older we would comprehend everything. Then everything would make sense. Eventually. After all, we are not God. He Is.

Therefore, be prepared to keep striving for the best and managing the worst as well. Do plan, whatever it takes. Have more than one plan. Make a few of them as backups. Dare to even fail more than twice. Take time to weep. Be upset. But never give up. Keep bouncing back for more plans and actions. View life in loads of different dimensions. So that we won't get stuck in our own dreading emotions.

It's all in our minds. And how we see our glass of water. Is it half full or otherwise half empty?

I'd leave you with that. Thanks all for being with me, love you for that. Until next time, Sayonara.

Much Love, TPJ.

P/S: Happy Birthday, someone.


  1. u r absolutely rite. ALLAH is the best planner. walau cam ne cantik kita plan, tapi HIS the best.

    1. Frust mmg la, kan? Tp nak buat camna.. Tak Pe Je la.. Kan?

  2. salam sis.. stumbled here from hijabcraze.blogspot.
    love your blog. <3
    will keep coming back.
    and oh. you are extremely right. it all depends on how we see things. Allaah does not give anyone trials that they cannot conquer.


    1. Salam.. Tqvm dear for dropping by. Glad you love TakPeJe.. Would check out yours soon. Take care!


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