When A Boy Has A Camera

Salam. Just a quick post from me. My boy really loves camera, you see. He's been taking loads of pictures from still digital cameras and hand phones since he was barely 3. Last year I sort of passed him my Samsung compact digital, since he was head over heels with the animation features therein. 
Well, he used to do tons of cat's whiskers kinda thing. Now he's more into love sign and some other things.

Especially when it comes to my pictures that he took. Loads of hearts.

And it seems that to him Daddy has got so many ideas.

Of course when he's got the time to snap our picture together, which is very seldom nowadays,
he HEARTS it so very much.

I'm okay with the fact that he loves camera. It's a good hobby, anyway.
But I'm still exercising some kinda control, in the sense that I don't give him any expensive camera.
Not just yet. Let him know he's gotta value what he has and prove to me he deserves a better one as time goes by. Just like what he's got now was a gift for doing well in last year's exam.
Hope he'll turn out a pro soon. LOL.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for still being with me, love you for that.
Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, TPJ.


  1. ehh ni gambar bila...nampak mcm chubby skit TPJ....
    baguss kalo pandai skill amek gambo ni..leh buat duit! hehe

  2. Salam, Mashaa'Allah! your boy has a passion for photography and I'm happy to say that you're a very supportive mother :)


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