Innocence , Tawakkul & A Group of Rock Guys

Salam. I feel like sharing with you guys about one of the most memorable incidents in my life this time around. Bear with me, ya.. :)

 Over the White Mosque's Fence.

I was 19 years young at that time. Donkey years ago. The bus from Kuala Lumpur arrived way too early at the Kuala Terengganu ("Tanjung") Bus Station. I was too scared to sit alone at the empty benches and the nearby praying place was still locked when I checked. So I braced myself and walked hurriedly to the White Mosque, which was not too far therefrom. I guess my face was as white as the mosque by the time I reached the gate, which was also locked. I was too scared to go back to the Bus Station either. So I decided to climb over the fence to get into the mosque compound, within which I felt much safer.

Yes, dear. I did just that. Those who knew me well would know how good I was at climbing fences and trees, even. I thought to myself: Well, now mom would sure eat her own words. My climbing activities proved to be of beneficial use somehow!

Anyways, when I was done fighting with the mosquitoes at the ablution place where I alternately sat and stood alone, a group of long-haired fit jeans young guys spotted me from outside. I didn't have anything against them, for I myself was a rock girl at heart. They were so curious and asked me thousands of questions. Well, at least I could use some chit-chats, right? As compared to fighting with the mosquitoes and the demons at the back of my head, I meant.

"Lari dari rumah ke dik?"
(Have you fled from home)

"Besarnya beg tu dik, datang dari mana?"
(Where are you from, with such a big bag)

"Tak takut ke duduk dalam tu sorang, dik?"
(Are you not scared all by yourself?

"Macamana awak masuk dalam?"
(How did you get inside)

(Don't tell me you climbed the fence)

When one of them, might be the leader, since he was the one who had been doing most of the talking wanted to climb over the fence and be with me, I half-shouted NO!

He said, why?

I said, I feel safer if we just converse over the fence. Not with him together with me inside the mosque. Ha'ah, No.

I could hear he was laughing, but I refused to look at him. Thank God he listened and cancelled half-way through climbing over the fence.

It seemed like an eternity when finally a Bilal came, opened the mosque and called for the Fajr Prayer. I carried my beg inside and prayed, a little bit woozy. And when I walked out of the mosque with my face all freshened up, I could still see the rock guys standing outside of the fence. They apparently stayed there 'guarding' me right till the end. With a lot of questions in their heads.

I was wearing baju kurung at that time.
It was so absurd to ever think how did I ever climb the fence, right?
And what was a young girl with a huge bag doing alone at the mosque?
My parents were in the U.K and nobody I could call to come pick me up, that's why.

I should have at least said thanks to the guys.
I wish I had been brave enough and less shy to look at them and say goodbye.
Never once that I ever forgot the incident.
Or the conversations I had with the leader of the group.
I wanted to believe they went to pray afterwards.
And I wish them well.

Come to think of it, I thank Allah for guarding me from any misfortune. I would never do such a thing at this point of time. But at that particular time I was so innocent, true. Yet from that moment on, I learned what tawakkul would do to me. I put all my trust to Allah swt and let Him do the rest.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for being with me, love you for that.
Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, TPJ.


  1. wahhh pengalaman berharga tu kann....
    g pernah sekali panjat pagar rumah makcik..
    sbb tertinggal assigntment kt umah...
    tu kali pertama dan terakhir...

  2. panjat memanjat memang keje af la dulu.haha! lecturer af pernah cerita dulu2 masa dia student,kawasan hotel uitm tu padang je.xde apa2 kat situ.tgh jln2 ngan kawan2 dia..elok je langsuir terbang atas diorang.nak dijadikan cerita.pada suatu malam yang panas..pakcik cc yg af nak print tu punya la lembab gila nak print kerja2 af.kesudahannya..malam tu af sorang2 kena panjat pagar sbb dah lewat.oh! memang xpijak tanah la lari.ayat entah apa2 la yg keluar sebab sambil baca sambil panggil ibu!ibu! haha!

    1. Hahaha. Bertuah nye anak.. Tetap panggil ibu...! ;)


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