Latest Aaron Aziz's Bedroom Eyed Acting

Salam. In my humble opinion, Aaron Aziz's (Singaporean-soon-to-be-Malaysian-PR) biggest asset is his bedroom eyes. And of course that slow-lazy smile of his comes in close second. 
I've fallen so crazily in love with him after his most phenomenal acting in Ombak Rindu.
And now he's back with even hazardous bedroom eyed acting in a telemovie that has been adapted from local's best-selling novel by Aisya Sofea, Adam & Hawa.

Not that I'd be able to religiously stay tune at 10pm every Monday - Thursday for the updates,
but I couldn't resist Aaron Aziz nonetheless. And the heroine played by the very pretty Nadia Nisaa' really caught my attention. She's quite something. Her beauty is very... well, don't have a word for it.
Rare, may be? Or classic, even? To me, she's so very pretty. She makes a plain baju kurung looks damn sexy.

Anyways, I'm still feeling funny pain in my abdomen. Might as well stop laughing with friends who come to visit. Always seem to forget any pain until it's too late.

Never mind, though. I'll be alright Insya Allah. Here's the OST for Adam & Hawa for you guys to enjoy.

(I don't know why, but this song makes me miss someone)

Very well, that's all for now. Thanks for being with me, love you for that.
Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, TPJ.


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