Towards The End of Syawal ~ Colors of Love.

Salam. Syawal is coming to an end, which means KL peeps will at last enjoy normal traffic flow over the weekend. Technically speaking. I noticed in the FB loads of peeps just can't wait for this open houses thingy to finally leave the town. Well, can't blame them. Who wanna fight with bad traffic day in day out? Actually that only started to happen two weeks towards the end of Syawal. But talking about daily basis, even during the weekend.. Total Eclipse of The Patience. Unless the open house is yours, of course. 

Myself attended only one unofficial and one official open house this time around. Can't believe it, two open houses only? Well.. that's what happens if you need to be in bed rest. Hurmm...
The following pictures were from the official open house in De Palma Hotel, Shah Alam.

I didn't get to eat much but never mind, I had a blast meeting my circle of friends LIVE, not merely in Facebook.

Smiling faces were everywhere. And everybody was clad in their best dresses.

The Open House was also meant to give certificates of Merit to the authorized mediators who made it through in Sydney last month. Double joy for each one of them.

There were so many colors that day in the hall. To me, they blended in one pretty set of LOVE.

Thanks a zillion for still being with me, guys. Love you for that. Until next time, Sayonara.
Yours truly, TPJ.


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