Batik & Kerawang ~ Heritage Is Meant To Be Treasured

Salam. Batik has always been associated with my country. And Batik Sutera (Silk) are best found in two East Coast states in Peninsular Malaysia, i.e. Terengganu and Kelantan.  

This one came from Kelantan. I sent the fabric to be made as "Kebarung" and embroidered with "Kerawang" in Terengganu. Would have cost me a fortune in Kuala Lumpur, of course! Hence, my tailor back in Terengganu has always been my savior. Both to my purse & sanity.

I don't normally dress like this unless there's an official function someplace. But I've always loved this kinda outfit myself. Very dear to my heart. And I'm proud to champion my heritage.
It's meant to be passed from one generation to the next.
Dear God, please gimme a daughter...

Hehehe. Very well, that's all for now. Thanks for being with me, love you for that.
Until next time, Sayonara.
Much Love, TPJ.


  1. kalo nk tau kan.......g kan......blum ada sehelai pun baju dr batik lukis ni....bukan apa...harganyaa tu mampu telan air lioo je...
    Ke pasar payang 2 thn lepas...bergelen2 air lio diteguk sbb byknya yg cantik2....huhuhu gerammmnyaa

    1. Pasar Payang mmg ler mahal.. Kalu nak, bgtau je kita, nanti kita dpt kan yg mampu milik & akan dimampukan pemilikannya... ;)


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