Not A Wedding Planner

Salam. Hey there, friends... thanks for coming. So I've been extremely busy lately.
Hard to plan a wedding, ya? When you can't afford a planner, relatives are the best assets!
That's something you can no longer get in loads of places, especially in town.
In my village the spirit of teamwork is still intact. 

The rain started to pour in just after the canopies were erected. Worst nightmare for us, coz the ground would definitely go muddy. We should have rented our uncle's futsal's hall, come to think of it.
But then, won't be fair to those who've booked to play.

The guys led by my dearest other half took charge to mend things within their capacities.
Thank God there were still stones and sands and soils, the leftover from mom's house renovation that could save the day. And the weather was friendly throughout the big day itself.
The committees' shoes were ruined of course, but it's ok.. so long as the guests won't suffer that much. Plus, the dish was so awesome they could hardly complain. *wink.

There were however not enough hands to serve the bride's family. Well, almost all of my immediate cousins were teachers, and they had to be in school on Saturday, replacing the long Eid holidays beforehand. So the groom's siblings had to be the all-rounders, running end to end.   

So that the bride wouldn't feel sad and the groom wouldn't lose face.
And everybody could smile and say cheese to the camera.

I for once, ladies and gents, was not a wedding planner. I was only the Big Sister.
The groom was my brother and he ain't heavy at all.
I owe that much to my mom and late dad. I gave my damnest best.
Allah Knew it.

And I wouldn't have done it without the rest of the family in turquoise green and not in turquoise green... In the pictures and outside of them.

Thanks all for still being around, love you for that. Until next time, Sayonara.
Much love, TPJ.


  1. As salam TPJ,

    Cantiknya tema baju... I must admit I'm not a fan of turquoise/blue or whatever it called... But this one look good to me :))

    Selamat pengantin baru to ur brother! Barakallahulakuma :))

    1. Salam, dear Marya. Tqvm.. It's a crush between blue and green.. Just like the ocean in broad daylight from afar. Turquoise Green. Thanx for your kind wish, by the way.

  2. my brother choose turqoise too for his wedding this coming november....but i combine it with dark brown....hopefully it turn awesome! congratulations and welcoming new BIL in the family!

    1. Congrats dear to you & your bro.. I'm sure the outfit will turn out awesome! Thanx for your wish, by the way. My first Sister-in-law tu..


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