To Turban Or Not To Turban?

Salam. I never really wanted to try turban. Not until I saw the following picture of Shila Hamzah in her FB recently. Then again, her face is kinda oblong as opposed to my chubby face..
Gotta apply loads and loads of tricks not to appear like a giant ball coming out of my face.
Yep, that's for sure.

Meantime, just had some fun with my inner hijabs for a start, inspired by Shila's way of wrapping her head.

Mom really despised my 'over-sized' shades. But owh, I never expected her 'approval'.

Those two hijabs I adore so very much. Got them from a warehouse in Sydney.
Extra big and long, could spend the whole day wrapping head and face.

Anyways, still contemplating whether or not to try turban.


  1. Turbans are quite tricky, though I am sure you will carry it well.

    1. Gotta be comfortable with the idea first, dear..

  2. hehe I'm not really comfort using turban, probably cause it isn't covering my chest :D
    But who know you can be look good wearing it :)

    1. Exactly, dear.. That's the issue here, mainly. Gotta modify the style with adequate front covering... ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Kreatif la sgt... Heheh.. Tapi kelakar la G, sebab mesti labuh kat depan tu, may be letakkan pashmina? ;)


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