Random Amnesia-Delusion Not-So-Saga Attack

Salam. Funny but I feel like collecting stamps all of the sudden. It struck me a few years ago, but I've been postponing it. Yesterday when I silently sat at my desk and absentmindedly took off a stamp from an envelope, the urge was quite extreme. Felt like flying to get myself an album to make it happen. Donkey years ago I used to collect stamps, like most peeps did that time. And even collected foreign money at one time. But then those days were gone. Until today. Am I having amnesia? Or a delusion, perhaps? Of going back to the past?

Never mind, let's just put it at bay now, shall we? If the urge is still as good as the way it should be, then it's definitely something to reckon with. Or else, it's just another hiccup in between the meals.

False Alarm.

Well, thanks anyway for reading. Much Love, TPJ.


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