Pantai Bagan Lalang ~ Sepang Gold Coast Revisited

Salam. I wasn't feeling very well this weekend. Headache. Might be the weather, I guess. Too hot.
Anyways, it was an outdoor weekend, so to speak. 
We went to Sepang Gold Coast to enjoy the sea view. Not so much of an enjoyment, actually.
We've seen much, much better view, originating from Terengganu ourselves.
White Sandy Beaches.
So, we expect no less, right?
But as compared to Port Dickson, Sepang Gold Coast is much nearer as far as distance is concerned.

We took a walk from end to end and went to pray Maghrib at the provided surau.
Before grabbing our seafood dinner at a nearby restaurant.

It's been a while since we last came here. Junior was frustrated when we didn't allow him to get into the water. And as it wasn't a windy evening, he couldn't even play kite, which added to his frustration.
Unlike when we went camping last time, when he could do both. 

This very picture was taken then. What a nice weather that time. Anyways, we took Junior someplace else this morning. Always love to see the joy in his eyes.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading, love you for that. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. Until next time, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai @ TPJ.


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