Last Franchise of A Wedding Story

Salam. So this is definitely gonna be the final coverage on my brother's wedding.
The reception took place a day after the ijab-qabul ceremony at a hall nearby the bride's home. Being the only kiddo, her parents went all out for her wedding, apparently. Understandable.

The hardest moment for mom + her eldest son. Both wept no matter how hard they tried not to.

And oh, how strong I had been all week through. Not a single teardrop in front of anybody.
And being the eldest kiddo, I had the honor to be eating with the bride + the groom together with hubby, mom and the bride's parents. Not that I bothered to eat anyway.

My immediate cousins were around. Felt so heaven when we were together.
Too bad they couldn't make it the way they really wanted at our side in Temerloh.
At least we had this picture and a few more at the bride's kenduri. 
Something to cherish...

Pheww.. that was it. Waiting for the next in line. May be my sister or the second brother some time next year. Meanwhile, gotta work my bones out for the big event(s) to come.

Thanks anyway for being with me. Love you for that, from the bottom of my heart. 
Until next time, Sayonara. 
Much Love, TPJ.


  1. well, buat kerja kawin memang memenatkan.. tapi yang bestnya bila dapat berkumpul.. rasa sayang nak berpisah lepas tu..

    congratulation to u and family..

    1. Betul ckp akak.. Sedih nak berpisah. Tqvm, by the way.


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