Aloe Vera For Dry or Combination Skin

Assamu'alaikum. I was told by my homoepathy doctor sometime in mid-August that my skin needed some water when I complained about having quite bad dry face each time I went to cold areas (aircond premises or winter places). She recommended me to change my then existing skincare to those with aloe vera essence alongside supplements from Forever Living, which I accorded.

As of now I've been using the dehydrating toner, gelly, firming day lotion (moisturizer) and cleanser, which have proved to be darlings in every way. My face is much supple and less dry even in heavily aircond premises. The price is ranging from RM50 onwards each product, which I have to get back to you with the exact ones. In daytime I will apply the toner followed by gelly and firming lotion before applying any makeup and at night I will only apply the toner and the gelly after Isyak prayer. 

I really believe in internal and external care when it comes to health and beauty but you have just got to find those that are responding well with your system as a whole. As for the supplements,  I will do a separate entry some other time. Meantime, I affix herewith a photo taken fifteen minutes before lunchtime yesterday just for the sake of inserting a photo. It's been a very hectic week by far that I didn't get to snap my own picture, unbelievable! ^_^ 

Anyways, here's me signing off at 1.32 am with another hectic day awaits ahead. Time to catch some sleep, thanks for dropping by. Love you loads, dearest. Do take care and bye for now. Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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