Best Buy Polka Dot Shawl

Assalamu'alaikum. So I bought three new shawls from Nadia Hijabs, from her clearance stock sale. One of them I wore to work today, a polka dot wide shawl that screamed colors to bits. I didn't have the mood to apply much make ups today, juz kicked off the day with basic powder and pink lipstick. But the striking hijab had come to the rescue, apparently. Phew..! What a tiring day, really..! But somehow everything was worth the extra effort when loads of tugging hard assignments were finally finished. There are still others that need to be done but considering the hardest things had passed, they are less causing me headaches. Ahamdulillah. 

Anyways, we're approaching the final day of the week as tomorrow is already Friday. I really look forward to a relaxing weekend, just can't wait for Saturday and Sunday...! You guys do take care and thanks a zillion for dropping by. Till next entry, Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. skrg banyak shawl cantik2 kn...tpi sy tak sesuai pakai ;(

    1. Asal tak sesuai nya...? Blom try blom tau...^_^

  2. Wohooooooo ~ Kak Nai looks so so so cute in polkadots..

    Polkadots monster :p

    1. Polkadots monster? Hahha. Thanks, master ji! ;)


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