Sacrifice or Be Sacrificed

Assalamu'alaikum. So Eiduladha has come and gone, as always. Apart from braving traffic jams to and fro kampung, not many of us really breathed the spirit of sacrifice itself. And nobody seemed to really care in the first place. Anyways, this Eiduladha was one heck a trying time to me and my nuclear family. I myself couldn't register just yet what had actually happened, like a blink of an eye, it seemed. Before I knew it, things were too chronic already. I pray that Allah will show me the way to face all this turbulence, Insya Allah. 

Meanwhile, how about looking at a few pictures taken on the eid itself, shall we? 

I actually had a new kurung modern from the same fabric used to make my son's and his dad's baju melayu but it turned out to be too bling-bling that I decided against wearing it. Thank God that I've been keeping this modern kurung in my closet for quite number of years, which was an awesome match with the guys of my life. 

Nothing much really, just made a point of wearing that very outfit right up until Asar. Boring day..

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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