Unselfish Way of Life, 57th Birthday and Pure Sacrifice

Assalamu'alaikum. There are ways to shoo your sorrow away or dehighlight it, at the very least. Some unconsciously follow the stream while others fight like crazy, each with individual preference or reaction. Like, it depends on mood swing or something. But as to me, this world is not about and only about your own goodselves just as much as the fact that it doesn't only revolve around you. So, whatever turmoil you might be feeling inside, just try your mightest might not to spoil others' lives, especially that of your loved ones. That to me is the symbol of inner strength and maturity at its best.
Having said that,  I urge you all to start less focusing on yourself but to those around you, on how you could make a difference, on how you could reach out and spread that little miracle of your smiles loves touches and tenderness.

Anyways, I append herewith a few pictures taken yesterday, the first was early in the morning before going off to work and the rest after Isyak prayer when we were celebrating mom's 57th birthday. 10th of October 2013 mom was 57 years young. Ahamdulillah we were still given the chance by Allah swt to celebrate her birthday yet another year. 

Pensive look, eh? Having a bad headache for cracking heads in some serious written assignments. 

We were all still clad in our office attire, after cramping and undergoing massive traffic jam due to heavy rain in the entire Klang Valley. I was stuck in Taman Maluri, Cheras right up to MRR2 and later on Jalan Ampang, the last stop of the day where I bought some lamb and chicken mandy from Hadramawt Restaurant. Then my sister and brother took the trouble to speed up to the nearest Secret Recipe for mom's fave cake, Chocolate Fudge when she said she did want some cake after meal.

Mom was so happy and we were thrilled to see that, that was the very least we could do for her after all her bitter sweet decades of bringing us all up. She was all that we had now that dad had gone. Yeah, we didn't get to bring her to any fancy place but the fact that we managed to hold this simple celebration out of big fat love for her was something she was obviously happy about. I wish her every happiness this world could offer. Ameeen.

That's it, dearest.. Thanks for dropping by, love you loads! Happy Eidul Adha and may our sacrifices are recorded by Allah swt as part and partial of ibadah, Insya Allah. Till then, assalamu'alaikum

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. happy bzday aunty ;p smga diberikan kesihatan yang baik dan bahagia dunia akhirat bersama ank2 tersayang...


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