One Hungry Day - Juma'ah Barakah

Assalamu'alaikum. It's Saturday morning and the birds are chirping their melodies. I wish  I could write a song or paint, so that this moment will somehow be crafted in perpetuity. But yeah, how was your Friday, by the way? Mine was a starving one, if I were to summarize. I took a few sandwiches with eggs for breakfast, though. Quite big breakfast it was, considering how plenty  I actually ate. By the time I accompanied a client for lunch I couldn't even eat any other than the marvelous creme brulee at Pastel. 

Then after praying zuhr and catching up with a few errands at work about 3.30pm, I went to park my car at the lrt station and commuted to Ampang Park to see another person, who was supposed to arrive at 4.00pm but only showed up an hour later. Well, an hour or so, by the time of which I was seriously hungry I could barely stand it. I could have just grabbed anything, right? Wrong. I wanted to just go home.. Please let me go home. You know, that kind of feeling when you can't care less other than calling it a day? So I did just that at 6.00pm, but had to stop for Asar prayer at the Ampang Park lrt's musolla. It was a good decision, really - for the traffic was really heavy when I finally arrived at the Setiawangsa lrt station. The usually 5 minute's drive took me almost half an hour, you do the maths. 

So, when did I finally eat? After Maghrib prayer, dearest. And the feeling of gratitude for the food was superb, Subhanallah..! It's not a good eating schedule, so I need to change if I don't want to suffer from gastric. 

See? Only girls can tell a simple story with such details! ^_^ Anyways, here's a picture taken yesterday at the office before zuhr prayer, with yet another wide shawl I got from a clearance sale at Nadia Hijabs. Do show her some love, ya..   

There you go, it's time to bid farewell. Thanks for dropping by, love you loads! Have a wonderful weekend and take care. Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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