When The World Is Out of Colors, Outstand Yours

Assalamu'alaikum. So, it's Thursday and a day before the week ends. I didn't really do much at the office today other than monitoring and coaching, that is. Then off I went to pick my friend up at 2.30 pm and we did a business lunch together. I really look forward to doing this upcoming assignment with her yet again coz together we by far have proved to be quite a team, Insya Allah..
Before I even took the stairs up to the office, I made a point to drop by at Alice's to have my glasses duly fixed. I think I must have fallen asleep with the glasses on one of these days, for they seem to be somewhat uncomfortable to wear. Alice said I looked 'purplish' today, which I think due to the purple pashmina and the pink blouse that I wore and the purple handbag that I carried along. Her remark somehow led me to think that we should outstand our world with colors of the rainbow even if we're trapped in a colorless world. In the end it's our heart that matters. Forget the rest. For sometimes we have just gotta be selfish to be happy. And happiness begins with your heart.
Having said that, I hope you will find happiness in your own hearts. Before I go, Happy Diwali to those who celebrate it this upcoming Saturday. Have a blast! And to all Muslims, Happy Ma'al Hijrah, which falls on next Tuesday. May this Awal Muharam bring a significant change to all of us, to you and me. Ameen.
See you soon..! Assalamu'alaikum.
- Nai at Tak Pe Je. 


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