Love Touches Us One Time and Lasts for A Lifetime

Assalamu'alaikum. Yesterday was quite a productive Monday, I would say. Rush hour and adrenaline havoc in the morning, which lasted from 9 till 11.45am approximately. Really gotta brace my heart and braved the battles with time and procedure and sick people holding children for 'ransom'. Yeah, I only had two matters yesterday in Shah Alam but both of the same nature, one way or another. Hence, the tight face. I didn't even feel like smiling, really.

I had a week earlier made little arrangement with a fellow blogger, sis Yan to finally meet up after whatever matter necessary to be done in the morning. Since the matters turned out much better than anticipated, I had some ample time before the premeditated lunch date with sis Yan. I did a quick round window shopping at the Shah Alam City Centre and went to the Uncle K for a mug of hot latte, which wasn't granted a wish - the latte-mocha-cappucinno machine had apparently broken down. Hence, another sour face. Hehehe. 

Then sis Yan came. I recognized her instantly and went to greet her, who was clearly searching for a familiar face from a virtual world. It really felt surreal for the first few minutes, that we finally converse in the real world, with moving visuals and sound effects. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she's much, much prettier in person, really. Her sister, adorable Chef Chiju joined us later on and we actually clicked in no time at all. Beautiful women with beautiful hearts, what an honor to meet them both. I wish I had the time to also have a photo taken with Chef Chiju, hopefully some other time.

We were very much in deep conversation when I had to suddenly leave, what a shame.. And sis Yan did even give me a few tokens that I definitely cherished, especially the silk moss green shawl - my fave color! I'd share with you guys about those tokens in a separate entry, Insya Allah.

Some people just touched your heart and the memories would last a lifetime... Thanks, kak Yan and Chiju for a wonderful time.. Allah Be With You. 

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. YA ALLAH Nai.. akak baru sempat nak baca after Chef CiJu sound kat akak. bit busy lately..eee.. jangan puji lelebih..malu2 i. hee.. happy meeting you dear.. seronok sangat kita bercerita.. tup2 u dah kena jemput yr driver tu.. jealous dia kann. hee. INSYALLAH in future kita jumpa lagi yeee..

    1. No problem, kak yan. Ciju siap sound lagik tu.. Waaah! ^_^
      Ye la, tetiba kes dia tak jalan rupanya petang tu.. Patut ler awal bebenor dia mai amik. Heheh. Len kali nak dating kena dtg solo dari KL ler.. ;)


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