Absence of Nai and Her Glasses

Assalamu'alaikum. Yeah, I know I've been missing nowadays. Things have been a little bit out of tempo, really. That's what you have to pay for being too busy - you can't even exercise at all, at all. Have vowed myself to do just that after posting this quickie, so help me God!

You know, I have this habit of buying contact lenses every Eidul Fitri and never seem to actually wear them - last Eid was not an exception. So yesterday I decided to make full use of them instead of letting them expired over time as the previous years. Felt a bit weird of course, especially the first 30 minutes or so. Then I got used to wearing them that I even wore them the whole day today at work. It would be nicer if I could get rid of eyebag, but yeah, that will have to take some other procedure altogether. Should go and pay my beautician an expensive visit or two some day!

With the 1st aviator without any power.. ^_^

Without glasses on, it would be quite hard to hide any troubled expression, though. Gotta now master that, perhaps. Anyways, thanks for dropping by and sticking around even after much absence at my end. You do take care and see you when I see you.. Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. salam Nai..

    akak dulu2 pakai contact lens. butt after sometimes rasa rimas even i can wear it for almost 16 hrs.. rimas sangat. now langsung tka pakai apa. ingat nak buat lasik. tgk dulu lahh.

    1. Kalu dah rimas mmg x bleh paksa dah, kan? Lasik kena tgk jenis kornea nipis ke tebal, 3 thn lps tak silapnya nai pegi check nak buat lasik x lepas..

  2. Replies
    1. Ehhh? Akak pakai glasses lagi jugak ni.. Tapi kdg2 lebih ringan pakai lenses je..


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