Manicures, Pedicures & Olive Oil

Assalamu'alaikum. So I am a freshie in mani and pedi, really. Only went to do both for the 1st time ever at the famous Nail Parlour, KLCC recently with my best friend, Adah. Wouldn't have gone if she hadn't insisted, in fact. And yeah, it turned out alright even though I couldn't stand the ticklish part when my feet were brushed, much to the therapist's amusement. Here's a picture taken from the spa's facebook:

And not surprisingly, my nails both hands and feet are very dry according to the therapist, who recommended me to use the spa's signature product that will moisterize them. I however politely declined her generous offer due to budget mainly, why, I had brought just enough cash for the manual treatment in the first place! And the other reason being I had every intention to make full use of the existing extra virgin olive oil that my husband had gotten from Jordan. The moment I arrived home that day, I didn't wait a single second and literally ambushed the kitchen to get hold of the lovely olive oil. And the rest was history, I guess. 

My review: You can kiss the essential oil for your nails goodbye, baby! Olive oil has been such a miracle on its own, which made me smile ever so broadly, congratulating my decision to opt for it in the very first place. But please bear in mind that olive oil can be very expensive in most countries. Yet again, considering the compact of its nature, it's gonna be much more worthwhile in the long run as compared to buying some 30 ml essential oil that will last like what, 2 weeks the most? But of course, it depends on how you view things, right? The contra however is the smell. Not everyone loves the smell of olive oil lingering around the body, mind you. To me on the other hand it bears no weight whatsover because a woman's scent is very unique, a mixture of every other odour she produces, from head to toe. You just can't tell what makes her smell good, either her perfume or shampoo or lotion or deodorant or shower bath. Just like we can't tell what makes a man smell good, either his after shave or shampoo or perfume or whatever at all, at all.

Never mind. Just be happy, dearest. Take care and thanks for dropping by. Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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