From All-Whites To White-less At All, At All

Assalamu'alaikum. Early in the morning today I went to work with a white hijab - all whites and nothing but white. Afterwards I proceeded to go to the relevant body to replace my lost driving licence (that had gone together with my purse in Rome, remember?) and it turned out that I couldn't snap a picture because they required any color other than white, now that they have gotta use white background. So I was sent away to go figure, how awesome was it? And the fact that I hadn't taken my breakfast didn't help either. So I went to the nearest mall, Wangsa Walk for three main purposes: to get a new colorful shawl, big breakfast and a fresh licence sized photo. I did all just that in a strict particular order at Sinma, Georgetown Kopitiam and Visual Efx' Dot Comm respectively. 

I had to retain the black blazer, though because my black blouse with white stripes would be a disharmony altogether. But then when I went to Q for my turn to get the new licence, I had no choice but to take it off anyways, otherwise I would have fainted in utter perspiration. The waiting was just within my expectation so no futher complaints here whatsoever. I was in fact very thankful that it didn't take me even half day in the first place. The numbers moved very quickly and credits should be given to the skillful staffs at all 15 available counters. 

This time around our photo would be duly returned upon issuance of the licence, just like the passports I guess - they scanned and voila! We've got our brand new licence at the end of the long waiting game. So, please check regularly the lifespan of your driving licence, ok? Better be extra careful rather than paying extra hundreds for fine, right? 

Ok, you guys. Thanks for dropping by, much appreciated. Take care and see you around! Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe He.


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