The Weekend Story

Assalamu'alaikum. Sometimes I get a little bit too lonely, especially when I have too much ample time or when it's that time of the month when I'm given divine exemption from daily prayers. That's why I love to keep myself busy with loads and loads of things. Today at 4pm I felt so weak and the loneliness seemed to crunch my nerves ever so fiercely that I drove myself off to continue reading the current novel over a grand mug of cafe latte at Starbucks. Even then I still had to scribble down any thought relating to work that tend to pop out of the blue so that I could focus on the storyline uninterrupted. 

I had earlier on deposited my car to be washed, vacuumed and polished, knowing fully well how long I had time to kill in the first place. Luckily at one moment in time when I couldn't bear sitting anymore, I received a series of whatsapp messages from my other half who's been away for quite some time now. That helped. An aweful lot. Even told him I was bored to death and sent the above picture in exchange of his checking in foursquare.

Later on when I went to pick my car up, it shone and sparkled and blinked towards me. That helped too eventhough I knew I would only have the car to myself until tomorrow, for my sister's been driving it to and fro work for a week or so now. I really hope her new car would be ready by next week, for her sake and of course, mine. And I really hope she's gonna take care of her car so well or at least learn how to do so gradually in time. 

Anyways, by the time I was home I had again kept myself busy - by organizing the fridge now that the walk-in and bedroom closets have been nicely done. (Yeah, I went on organizing my bedroom closets right after the walk-in closet). The fridge project is still undergoing, though. Meanwhile, here are two pictures of the bedroom closets worth sharing:

That peace of mind...

There you go. Nothing really, but thanks anyway for dropping by. Do take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Till then, Assalamu'alaikum.

-  Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. manyakkkk koleksi baju ;p makin banyak makin pening kepala nk pilih mna satu nk pakai hihihi ;)

    1. Kaaan? Tapi at least bila nampak, jadi insaf dan sedar diri udah2 le tu menambah koleksi.. Hahaha.

    2. bule insaf ke nai...den tak insaf2 lg ni...walaupun almari dh tak muat...boleh lah anto letak kt almari umah kpg...hishhh

    3. Setakat ni nampak ketara la keinsafan itieww.. Hehheh.


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