Gondola Winter Ride In Venice

Assalamu'alaikum. It's a romantic city surrounded by water, which has inspired many imitations throughout the globe, gondola inclusive (with the signature black and white striped long sleeve shirt). Even when the Wonder Pets went to safe a baby animal in Venice, they rode the gondola if I was not mistaken. Anyways, we did just that the 2nd day there first thing in the morning. Italian guys are so good looking, really. And smartly dressed. Take this gondola guy, for example. See what I mean?

In winter they would wrap the similar striped muffler around their necks, so you can't see the usual shirts. Well, gondola rides would be just as romantic even with caftans on, don't you think? But for those who don't share the same view, such rides would be dead boring because we would be taken in slow motion ride at the back of the old historical buildings before going off to the open sea. I found it astonishing in every way, especially to have witnessed how every transaction was done by water transportations. I saw how they collected the waste from each building, loaded and unloaded things at the restaurants, and even did the cleaning maintenance all through the gondola ride. 

And the bridges were so much more romantic from the gondola, it seemed. 

Here's my wonder pet all grown-up:

Things were so much more breathtakingly magnificent at the open sea, though. Picturesque. Superb. All with capital letters, if I may add. It's forever been this great a city and I couldn't help feeling overwhelmed by the surrounding. The hotels, embassies, courts, restaurants, markets, malls, etcetra etcetra all by the sea. 

Junior would have enjoyed it more if he had come with his dear friends, I'm sure. 

Still he was a good sport, though.

Even though he would prefer to just sleep at the apartment that morning.

But all went well, Alhamdulillah. Another wish list checked beautifully. 

How I wish they had this service of pictures taken at certain checkpoints like they do in most attractions. Well, you know, like in the Madam Tussauds or Ripley's or Disneylands or Universal Studios. They would earn loads of money, I'm positive. 

The sweetest smiles from the happiest heart.

There you go. Thanks for dropping by. Take care and Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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    1. Bawak beras sendiri.. Ikan murah kat pasar Venice, goreng pon sodap..! Kalu nak makan kat resto, seafood ada. Atas rasa was2 ke idak je..


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