It Continued In Venice

Assalamu'alaikum. I've been postponing entries about Venice, I don't know why. I'm not sure where to begin, actually so let me just go with the flow of the pictures. I can't possibly cover my few days there in one single post, now can I? It's a small city with magical angles every thinkable way, not to mention of course, very very very romantic. We travelled by train from Roma Termini, which took about 3 hours or so and this time we made sure we wouldn't miss Venice like we did Florence. And guess what? The train was delayed and we had to wait an hour or so. Darn! But yeah, I fancied a cup of coffee anyways.

By the time we boarded the train, my boy was tired of waiting already and missing the wifi to bits. Kids nowadays! The business travellers enjoy complimentary mineral water, snacks and extra privacy. But not coffee, ya? 

Here's me taking selfie after praying zuhur and asar all at once (Jama' & Qasar).

Travelling by train across Europe is an extra added value when it comes to magnificent sceneries. I learned that at 17 on a bullet train from London to Scotland with my cousin. Venice wasn't an exception at all, at all. I guess such sceneries are just divine, love them so much that I always marvel at the passenger's seat each time I travel by car to my hometown, Terengganu. Anyways, the skies are always brighter in a traveller's eyes. 

And the grass greener from afar.

But nothing prepared me for the breathtaking view that welcomed my traveller's eyes in Venice.

I was in love, lustfully in love. Head over heels.

A dream does come true...

Dear dreamy eyed boy, I hope you grow up knowing fully well that your mom had a dream and it did come true, that dreams do come true. Keep dreaming...!

Inside the water taxi. Felt like watching The Tourist all over again. Now I was one. 

A postcard view, raw from our own camera.

The gondola guy without the obvious striped black and white shirt - it was winter, baby!

Now, here's me still in amazement. I had arrived. Venice. I had arrived in Venice. 

So, that was how I dressed in Venice as a Muslim tourist. Thank you Allah for making this possible. I'm forever indebted and humbled. 

Would definitely repeat Venice, Insya Allah. 

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. Hello Nai, terima kaseh you dropped by my pondok. Yes, I have closed tutup kedai permanently.
    Hari2 tengok the same silent readers masuk, for years, tada sekali acknowledged their presence, macham penchuri...
    So, I decide to close. Begitu la.

    Anyway, love your pics of Venice. Was there long, long ago.
    Its still beautiful looking thru your well taken pics.
    And love the outfit you wearing. Very stylish. Your sunglasses too.
    Have fun and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

    1. Hi there, dear! Thanx for coming back here n for all those kind words too. Silent readers are like that, but they read nonetheless. I'm sure they have treasured you a lot, hence the daily visits. May be they just kinda shy or you know, private or even anon. Keep writing for your own self n active readers, would u pls..?

  2. cantiknya pemandanagn...
    salam kenal dari akak..follow sini..

    1. Askm. Selamat dtg & terima kasih sudi singgah..

  3. syioknyaa....bilalah den nk sampai ni???
    hihihi impossible aaa...


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