Sweet Victory In Monochrome World

Assalamu'alaikum. Of all days, I was having fever on The Day. Thank God I still had the chance to breathe live and enjoy it, nonetheless. Oh, ya! I fell asleep on the chair some fat 20 minutes or so during the ceremony, how awesome was that? I had earlier on set the clock at 5 am and hit the road to Shah Alam by 7.20 am to avoid massive jam and make it on time for the function. Again I chose to wear a white bawal hijab styled in shawl, by the way. With the embroideries purposely folded at the front. 

Here's me with eyes wide open, thanks to the unceremonious sleep beforehand. 

And apparently a friend of mine whom I call Kak Sham was there in the conference hall. She was such a darling and took pictures of me on and off the stage. Precious moments duly captured... Alhamdulillah. It took me ages to get to this, actually and that explains the smiling face despite the fever. I was amongst the 33 candidates who had passed the strict interview to become a syari'e counsel in the state of Selangor Darul Ehsan, about half of those interviewed. It meant the world to me because I had chosen to raise Junior up to certain age first before finally taking the advanced post graduate qualification required preliminary to even a mere application to be admitted as a syari'e counsel in Selangor. I could have gotten it in 2008 the latest but yeah, I did it yesterday. Sweet victory it was. Thank you Allah..!

Here's me and my lovely mover, who was kind enough to represent me before the judge and later on did the honor of 'robing' me, a symbolize of an admittance to the monochrome world. A mover who has moved me from an applicant to a counsel. A friend who has moved me from a step to milestone others. Thank you, dear..!

Here's us at the age of 38 looking very happy together. Woot! Woot! Super moms...!

And today my fever has broken but my voice has become hoarse like a rock diva. It must be the weather. Never mind, you do take care and enjoy your weekend! Thanks for dropping by and see you guys later. Assalamu'alaikum.

- Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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