A Little Bit Bigger M Size

السلام عليكم

Dear friends, how are you? Yesterday morning I met someone at Ampang Park. Before taking the LRT back to the office I checked in the First Lady, local favorite boutique. You can find First Lady's clothes at Zalora.com, actually. But old habit dies hard, so I made a point of browsing through. I bagged home a pair of M size long blouse. Really love the color! I wore it today at work. Turns out to be a little bit bigger, apparently. Would be perfect for my old jeans, Yeay...!

Anyhow, I wore it with my tailored A-Cut Skirt and topped it up with a plain silk Pashmina from my last Abu Dhabi visit. Very feminine, I guess.

The blouse is cheap, merely 29 MYR. But the sewing quality isn't that good. The fabric (cotton) itself feels so nice on the skin, though. Recommendable for hot weather, of course.

There goes nothing, really. Thanks anyway for dropping by. May Allah Bless You. Until next entry, Cheerio...! Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.

السلام عليكم


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