Smiles Before Tears

Assalamu'alaikum. Dear friends, this picture was taken the day we lost a family friend. He went with us to the Big Ben Tower and died a few hours later after we reached our residence at Oxford Street. It was one of the coldest days in London and may be his seasoned heart couldn't stand it.

I still can't bring myself to talk about this even though it's been more than a year the fateful event took place. But I guess now that I started to write an 'opening statement'.. I'm gonna blog about it soon..

Till then, take care... Assalamu'alaikum.

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  1. ai tak tau nak komen apa....huhhu..

    just wanna say....

    Alfatihah utk arwah.........


    bilalah gamaknya nk jejak kaki ke London...hik

    1. Tak terkata, dear... Pegi sama2, gelak sama2. Balik dia dlm bentuk jenazah..


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