Overdressed For Groceries

السلام عليكم

It was a long day for me yesterday. Clad in my work attire the whole day through. So, by the time I hit 'Giant', the nearby hypermarket, I was feeling a little bit overdressed. But yeah, not an alien thing for the neighbourhood. People in Klang Valley tend to work round the clock, that's why.

Gotta get my fave local jam at Giant, i.e. Sri Kaya Cap Kipas Udang, which wasn't available at Jusco when I went shopping for groceries a few days ago. I love my hainan breads with Sri Kaya. My lifetime favorite, actually.

Not everybody takes pictures at Giant, you know. Hahaha. But then again, Tak Pe Je pon...!

So, the ensemble was:
- Maxi Shawl : Nadia Hijabs
- Embroidered Maxi Dress : Tailored (last Eid-ul-Fitri)
- Shoes : Clarks (not that you can see them anyways, but it's ok..)

So now that I got my Sri Kaya, it's time for my supper - Hainan Bread with Sri Kaya all over them! I know it's late, but I haven't taken my dinner. Chewah, alasan. Thanks for reading, dear friends. May Allah Bless you all. Until next entry, Sayonara. Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.

السلام عليكم


  1. ai kalo suh incik hubby snapkan ms kt tempat2 mcm ni..mau kena kutuk..huh...x sportingg aa dia tu.....

    1. Mmg r... Org lelaki mmg gitu, kalu tak, abnormal. Heheh.. Yg ni si Junior yg kn paksa rela..

  2. bleh jadi part time model utk Giant ;) kot2 dpt income extra kan..hihihi...


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