Bright Rainy Day

السلام عليكم

It's been raining this few weeks. So, let's brighten the gloomy days with some sunny colors, shall we? How's your day so far? Mine gonna be full right till evening. Let's just say, I'm busy and loving it. I made a point of going to my favorite spa nearby for long awaited facial during lunchtime. For if I didn't, it's gonna take me ages to have my blackheads and whiteheads duly removed.

Next in line, gotta steal some time to do the scalp treatment. It's been screaming with itchiness for quite some time now. Sigh.

Well, my next appointment is at 6.30pm. Done with my emails and vetting through draft agreements. Hence, this entry. Thanks for dropping by, lovelies. Until next time, Cheerio...! Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.

Oh, ya.. My OOTD:
- Instant Hijab : Tailored
- Blouse : Poplook
- A-Cut Skirt : Tailored
- Sandals : Sembonia

Okay... Catch you later!

السلام عليكم


  1. love your OOTD sis...especially the colour combination :)

  2. Suka baju Nai, combination nice earthy colors, cantik Nai...take care

  3. assalamualaikum

    hi its been a long time i didnt visit your blog :)

  4. Hello Dear :) .
    Great blog. Interesting post.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Welcome to my blog.

    Like me on Facebook. I will be extremely grateful.

    1. Hi, dear.. Thanx for dropping by and leaving your comment..

  5. Lawoonyaaaa sukaa sgt lorrr...
    ari tu tgk blouse tu tak berkenan pun
    tgk nai plak..hehee


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