One Hectic Friday ~ Deja Vu

السلام عليكم

Hi there, dear friends! What a day for me! Went to KL Sentral lunchtime, took the LRT there. Didn't really have the appetite to eat, plus the fried rice I ordered at a 24 hour kopitiam was a failure with the capital F. Even the hot milo was a disaster, Astaghfirullahal 'azeem...! I then prayed Zuhr at the musolla, with loads of announcements at the back of my ear.

Train to Rawang will be arriving in 5 minutes

International Train to Woodland, Singapore will be arriving in 15 minutes

Train to Ipoh will be arriving in 20 minutes

And I closed my eyes... Sharp pain in my heart. KL Sentral really has weird effects one way or another. Loads of tears were shed here.

Then I took the commuter to Mid Valley, had to meet someone at the Gardens' Dome. The entire half and hour of bitter-sweet memories.. They lingered in the air. I refused to close my eyes.

The entire process of KL Sentral - Mid Valley - KL Sentral thingy was a deja vu for me. That I surrendered to the news from yesterday.

I only snapped this picture of myself while waiting at Terminal 6 to Mid Valley:

Yeah, so there goes nothing. Thanks for dropping by. Till then, Cheerio! Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.

السلام عليكم


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