Tiger, My Eyes

السام عليكم

Hi there, dear friends. What do think of gemstones? I love them so awfully much. Especially rubies, emeralds and sapphires AND tiger's eyes. All this while I have been collecting bracelets made of tiger's eye stones. But last year I bumped into a stunning ring made of tiger's eye and fell in love at first sight. In my eyes, nothing could go wrong with the ring.

Here's a picture taken at my brother's wedding day sometime last year. You can't possibly miss the tiger's eye sparkling ever so beautifully, smiling at you. The ring didn't really do justice to my finger for it wasn't made of the real silver, only plated thereof. After sometime it caused itchiness, which wasn't bearable.

And later I decided to order another one, this time with the real silver. Thank God I have my BFF who happened to be a goldsmith back in Kuala Terengganu. Now I have this beauty in my collection:

Next, I'm looking for granites. Hehehehe.


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    1. Yang silver-plated tu tak sampai 50 henggit. Yg silver betul tu mahal sket, tapi permata aje 80 henggit je.. Rega kawan2..


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