The Sweetest, The Hardest

السلام عليكم

I've always had the hardest time to get my favorite Perfume, Lou Lou by Cacharel here in the region. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore.. Just can't find any. I don't know if they have it in Philipines or Vietnam or Cambodia. But as far as this babe is concerned, the nearest I could get is in Australia. Oh My...!

Well, may be I should become an agent for the perfume or something? ^_^

The same goes to its sister, Eden. It's hard to forget the sweetest smell. But to get it is even harder.

So whenever I find those two sisters, I tend to buy more than one.. Depending on my budget that particular time, of course. If you guys have easy access to those two, please let me know... Thank you. May be we can be the bestest friend ever! Hehehe.

That's all, dear friends. Thanks for dropping by. You're just like my two fave perfumes! Take a very good care of yourselves and bye for now. Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.

السلام عليكم


  1. tak pernah bauu......
    tu dia...ada alasan nk terbang ke ostoliaa nihh..

    1. Alasan mcm tu bleh kena luku tu... Heheheh. Nak try carik online..


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