Hand-Made Nyonya Kuih

السلام عليكم

I love Nyonya cuisine and even have a few Nyonya recipe books in my collection. I also love Nyonya home-made pineapple tarts and would buy in a bulk or two each time I go to Malacca. Almost all home-made Nyonya kuihs I adore. But nothing beats LULU Nyonya Kueh. I used to buy loads of them when I went to Mid-Valley a few years back. I almost jumped with joy when I found out last year that there's a Lulu Nyonya Kueh stall in Great Eastern Mall, which is nearby my place. All the kuihs are extremely superb and very colorful as well. Here's one of my all-time favorite, orange in color:

You can google the images of other kuihs they're selling, no sweat. I should be going to Great Eastern Mall tomorrow!


  1. dap nampaknyaa...........ai x pernah makan satu pun kuih nyonya...huhuhuh

  2. sebijik kuih nyonya pun tak pernah makan tau.....sedapkah? mesti la sedap sebab makan byk tuh

    1. Tu dia aih... Ko tanya, ko jawab. Ngeee... Sedap, beb... Jemput2 jamu mata.


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