Casual Sunday, The Floating Garden & The Awakening

Assalamu'alaikum. It was extremely hot today right up till iftar. With the heat of 36 degree Celcius, my eyes were watery even behind the thick sunglasses. And now as I'm typing this entry, the sound of thunder gives the idea of heavy rain throughout the night. No wonder it was too hot earlier on!

Nothing much happened this weekend and I just stayed home lazying around. The only time I got out of the house was at 3pm or something, accompanying someone to his fave blu-ray DVD place. Not that I took anything for myself, though. Better than just sitting at home doing absolutely nothing, right?

Anyways, how's your Quran reading going on so far? As for me, I'm sure not gonna be able to finish 30 juzuk on time coz this time around I've been taking my sweet time to ponder upon and savoring the meanings of the beautiful verses page by page. 

Having said that, I'm not sure if you guys noticed how the Quran keeps mentioning that the Jannah is an (enormous) Garden underneath of which flow a few rivers? And that disasters will (normally) be sent down to wallop whomsoever intended at night when they are sound asleep or in the morning/broad daylight when they are busy with their own things? And that such disasters will not come without prior warnings and reminders?

That had brought me into rewinding the time of those tsunamis, typhoons, earthquakes and the likes.. And I couldn't help but shuddered and drained and appalled looking at the accuracy of the warnings that had been explicitly prescribed in the Qur'an. That had sent me spellbindingly speechless.

... Till then, Assalamu'alaikum.


  1. Replies
    1. Pakai tudung mcm ni terasa sgt 'dewasa'.. Hheeh

  2. tudungg baruu yer...hehe

    tahun ni tak taulah sempat abes ke tak....ada 5 juz bulan mengambang ni bebila leh muncul...huhuh

    1. Takpe.. Bleh sambung lps raya.
      Tudung baru la jugak.. Bg mak, tapi buruk siku.. Belikan dia lagi 2 psg yg plain, amik balik yg ada corak. Ngeee..

  3. Talking about quran.. insyallah akak try utk qatam..but still not sure can do or not...risau period..tu yg sometimes pulun....esp nowdays kat hp pun ada quran.. hpw lucky we r..

    Mudah2an Allah bg kita peluang lagi di masa hadapan.. n harap2 allah jauhkan kita dr sebarang musibah.

    Selamat buka ye ptg nnt.

    1. Selamat bbuka jugak utk akak..
      Betul, skrg senang nak baca qur'an.. Install je dlm gadget.. Alhamdulillah..

  4. Baca quran ngan anak2 je. Seronok gak. Routine hari2 not only for ramadhan.

    1. Alhamdulillah.. Anak aku tu jenuh nak suruh mengaji, kena aku la dulu kan mengajak..
      Hehe. Aku takde je, mcm tikus celebrate kucing takde ler jawabnya..

  5. Replies
    1. Ada power, sama dgn spek harian, entah la brp prescription nya.


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