Shopping For Others

Assalamu'alaikum. I giggled when I saw what Dina Tokio wrote in her Instagram earlier today, about shopping for others - "I love it because it's shopping. I hate it because it's not for me". Something like it, more or less. But when it comes to your kids, it's a different story altogether. You're gonna love it, actually.. Except for the fact that your purse will be slim-slimmer-slimmest. Hhehe.

Recently we went downtown to hunt for Junior's new shoes and a few additional pants. Such a darling eventhough he was clearly tired due to fasting day. The shopping was all about him, after all..

As for me, I'm still undecided whether to get a new hijab or not - or which hijab to get, actually. 

May be I'm just gonna wear this yellow shawl? Well, let's see.. Or may be tomorrow I'm gonna hunt a few pieces..

It's good to shop for Junior, yes.. But it's gonna be much better to shop for myself. Yep, may be tomorrow..

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  1. I miss shopping for my children..Those were the days..Now is just shopping for meself and the house..Junior pun semakin slim macam mamanye ya...

    1. Next, the children will be shopping for us..
      Junior kalu posa mmg slim.. Mummy lps raya naik ler balik, dia tetap slim.. :)

  2. membeli utk insan yg tersayang dtgkan kepuasan bila dia suka apa yg kita beli tu kan... :)

    beli lah least satu...heheeh...menghasut plak ai nihh..

    1. Nak beli, dear.. Tapi bosan, boleh? Hehehe.

    2. uitt kalo lah ai leh bosan gak cam u....hewhewww

    3. Tapi ye la, kena gak beli kaaaaan? Huhuhu

  3. Replies
    1. Untuk org lain je baru, deq... Untuk diri sendiri baju raya dah tempah, blom siap. Tudung blom beli..


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