One Turns Into Three Jewels

Assalamu'alaikum. I've got this pearl necklace that I can't really wear as often as I would love to, due to its length. So I sent it to a jewelery shop in Wangsa Maju to have it duly transformed accordingly. Thereafter, I brought home (as you can see in the following picture(s)) three separate jewels : 1) A double layer bracelet, 2) A pair of earrings; and 3) A simple ring. 

Now I can have the sentimental valued pearls next to me all the time...

Not bad, eh? ^_^ 

That's all, dearest friends. Thanks for dropping by, love you all for that. Until next entry, Assalamu'alaikum.

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  1. As salam Nai,

    I have some collection of pearl's accessories because last time I used to sell Sabah pearls among my fiends... To be honest my SIL living in Sabah, so I've got the stock from her with the cheap price...hehehe... Jual2 sendiri, sendiri yg pakai ;)

    But yours are beautiful! :)

    1. Wsm. Well, thank you Marya dearie. I'm sure your Sabah pearls are gorgeous, for I've been a fan myself since ages. I was dumbstruck when I went to Pasar Tamu recently, so I really understand what u meant.

    ai punya rantai sabah..mcm rantai titanic...hubby beli..ntah nk pakai masa bilalah..sbb pendek....pakai kt umah je..aci tak? hahahaa

    1. Rantai sabah? Mutiara ke? Yg ni pon sebab pendek la.. Tu yg gi buat gelang, cincin & subang..


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