Quick Bites & Running Man After Taraweeh

Assalamu'alaikum. Last night after taraweeh we went to have a drink at Pelita (an Indian restaurant) in Wangsa Maju. I took a coconut juice and didn't feel like ordering any other thing. But yeah, I didn't have the heart to see my husband eat by himself so I shared his meals - soup with plain bread and later on, tossei with deep fried squids, of which I didn't snap any picture.

Once home, there was this Korean game show called the 'Running Man' on TV so I had a big laugh with my siblings as we always do whenever watching that show. Hillarious! If you guys are into Korean thingy, you might love this game show to bits. 

There goes nothing, thanks for reading anyways. Until next entry, see ya! Do take some time to read the Qur'an, ya.. Assalamu'alaikum.

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  1. a few days ago ade nampak your mum from a distance at Masjid Muaz during terawih,but was not too sure it was her..Selamat berpuasa to ilah an family..

    1. Ye dah tu, gamaknya.. ^_^
      Ramadhan Mubarak, kak.. Jumpa kat JJ aritu nampak makin muda kakakku..


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