The Legacy

Assalamu'alaikum. People all around the world tend to marvel at and adjust to the fact that the Balinese since time immemorial have prepared the young generation for their various religious ceremonies all year round. I mean, look at the following picture of a woman holding his little boy's hand after a ritual prayer of the Galungan & Kuningan Festival. The cute boy was clad in the white traditional outfit and appeared to be very much used to wearing such thing and going to such ceremony. He will grow up just like his ancestors, exposing to and preparing his own children for the same route, the same way of life. 

What I find amazing about them is the fact that they breathe their religion exactly the same way they breathe the air. Naturally, it seems. And they are actually at peace with little things that they have. They are very much less complex than most of us or even most of other Indonesians, which is remarkably fantastic in this 21st century. 

So much so that they breathe their religion, they actually respect other religions and especially those who are 'practising' rather than 'non-practising'. That makes them such good people, really. I mean, where on earth would anybody leave the key at his car for the whole day at a complete foreign district only to find that the car is still there INTACT? Well, do forgive my lack of knowledge but I think it's only in Bali. Try do it in Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta or Manila or Bangkok if you may. See what I mean? Why, you may ask. The answer is that they believe wholeheartedly in KARMA - What Goes Around Comes Around. That my friends, is none other than strong belief a.k.a FAITH.

And I can't help thinking of what Sheikh Syed al-Qutb once said, "I went to the West, I saw Islam without Muslims (but) when I went to the East, I saw Muslims without Islam". Yeah, may be Bali is not in the West but it does fall within the context of what Sheikh Syed al-Qutb had meant to say. But then again, the problem is not with the religion itself, rather it's the ummah. This reminds me of what the Qur'an says - that it's not a problem for Allah to demolish the existing bad Muslims and replace them with totally brand new Muslims (from totally different group of people) who are much, much better in faith and everything else. This is what happening now as we speak, even. More and more newly converts are from the West, have you noticed? Not a surprise if we look into what Sheikh Syed al-Qutb said, right? They in the West were more Islamic he said, didn't he? So, how can it be a problem at all to Allah to revert them into becoming better Muslims when Allah Guides whomever He Chooses? Think about it.. It's in the Qur'an, after all..!. 

Point is, regardless of how bad Muslims around us are behaving, let's start with our own goodselves to be a good one. It does count. It does make a difference. Especially for all dearest ladies who are reading this, it does apply to you because future generation of good Muslims lies in your hands. Should we have any pride sense and sensibility, take Balinese as an example. After all, as the Prophet s.a.w once said - we're gonna be SAFE as long as we are sticked and adhered to al-Qur'an and Sunnah, which means we won't make it alright otherwise. The more deviant we are from the two sources, the more astray we'd become. Let's not be those who are astray from the right path. Let's build a legacy of our own goodselves.

With that, I sign off. You take care. Assalamu'alaikum.


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