Iftar & Sahur Blues

It's going to be 3rd Ramadhan in a few minutes. Well, by the time I finally publish this entry, it's already is. And I'm already 'stucked' at a juncture of what to prepare for sahur and iftar. What? I was like, adoiyaaa...! My planned menu for a week is by far not really working, for my husband is having sort of impromptu menu each and every day after iftar. But at least that's somewhat a good news to me coz I won't be preparing something he doesn't feel like eating. Apart from that, Junior also has his own preferences, which aren't quite different from his usual ones - chicken/beef bone soup, chicken/beef curry, deep fried chicken and repeat the chorus till fade, so to speak. Or else, I would wear this look most of the time.. (NOT..!).

By next week there will be a few iftar gatherings, which means I can skip planning meals for iftar (only) every now and then. I just hope this Ramadhan wouldn't be the first Ramadhan I'm putting on weight. Ameeen.. By the way, here's a pleasant surprise video about Muslims in Korea preparing for Ramadhan...

I was so touched to see how this network has given a very welcoming and heart-warming coverage on something unfamiliar to most of them. And I particularly loved it when the reporting lady in white blazer highlighted the fact that Ramadhan has brought economic bloom to even non-Muslim companies. To me it's a proof that Islam is Universal and Relevant to all walks of lives.

Okay, dearest.. that's it, thanks for dropping by. Till then, Assalamu'alaikum.

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  1. Selamat berpuasa, kak Naaai ^^

    Oh, where's the video? I couldn't find in this post. Is it perhaps because I'm online with my phone?

    1. Selamat berpuasa, deq Nissa yg comel..
      The video? U need to view it from a pc or a lappy
      And if it's Apple, u've gotta install PHOTON to be able to view it..

  2. semakin ngancamm buk nai ni lahh....
    sweet je tgk pic u kt atas tu

  3. Replies
    1. Hehehe.. Belum ngelat lagi ni..
      Kot ye pon, sahur tak bleh nak ngelat...


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